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Welcome to my alternative page....

If you've got this far then I probably have something on my pages which you consider to be worth looking at....

Maybe You want to know more about myself? What I'm Really Like? Or My Favourite Things?

My Music Pages have a few things which might interest you, including a complete list of everythign In my extensive CD collection.

There are a few galleries of pictures of myself and some friends and Some Movies which may or may not have some relation to my research. Something which bears a direct relation to my research - an probably to the future of the human race is the Threat from asteroid and comet impacts - take a look at my Map Of Near Earth Asteroids to see where everything is today. In addition to this needless Eye-Candy you can hear a few samples of my dulcet tones talking you through my website

You might know me as Szyzyg, my net-pseudonym which I've adopted to avoid those nasty 'name already taken' messages. In this guise I occasionally run around MUDs and chat on IRC, but Szyzyg is perhaps best known on Monochrome - the UK's largest Internet Bulletin Board - where I'm in charge of a number of sections. Now for all you netizens who are curious there is the Szyzyg FAQ which deals with all those questions that you love to ask.

Nerdy Web Things

For the ultimate expression of my Nerdiness.... You can find out all about Core War, a game where people write programmes in assemby language for fun.

Or you can look at some of the web based tricks which I've produced, including my automatic Babble Generator, the story of the first e-mail global thermonuclear war. There's my movies page which I've already mentioned - when an animation is being rendered then this page is updated automatically with the current status. And anyone wanting to create similar animations may find my distributed rendering scripts for POVRay to be useful.

The Music Collection Page, in hte past this used to update automatically to tell you what I was listening to - but it only worked for CD's played on my computer :-( - Instead I've been hacking around with and you can now use their servers to listen to some of my selections. After the complete lack of success of mp3serv - my mp3 broadcast software I've joined the developers of IceCast to produce LiveIce, the live broadcast client for Icecast. This takes the basic features of mp3serv, strips out the server code and adds in the mp3 mixing capability of mp3mixer -  my mp3 audio DJ mixer.

There even used to be Jennicam Activity meter, every image from Jennifer's home used to be grabbed and analysed by my computer. From this It used to generate graphs which showed just how much had been happening on camera and when. Sadly this whole experiment dies when JANET started charging for transatlantic traffic, it had become a bit silly really. Ok... I did have some spare code lying around from my Masters Degree which was easily adapted to this sort of image processing.... This website even got a mention on Cyber-Cafe.


Links Around This Site

Just in case you've not been paying attention I have collected all the Short Cuts around this site into a simple easy to Navigate list.....

No Programmers were harmed during the production of this web page.

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