Scott's Official (Boring) Home Page

The page that the observatory approves of.

This is the Home page which the Observatory approves of, nice, simple, no pictures and nothing to offend........

Just some simple details about myself and a link to my personal home page, with all the pictures and things which make the page so popular.

Umm OK....

When I wrote this I was at Armagh Observatory working towards a PhD in the field of small bodies in the Solar system. However this ended when I was poached by the internet business and ended up working in California for companies like Napster and imeem, you can check out my personal page at Prior to my time at Armagh I gained a degree in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Glasgow and a Masters Degree in IT and Computational Physics, again from Glasgow.

Outside of astronomy I mess around a great deal with computers, programming neat gadgets which may or may not be useful, making movies of numerical simulations using POV-Ray and lots of CPU time. I'm a part time DJ in and around the clubs of the San Francisco Bay area, and I've been known to produce the odd record.

There are a few more irreverent personal details to be found along with a photo here, or if you're interested in the mass of other stuff (Picture Gallery, Online Music Pages and other neat Web Toys and a few pages about Core War) on my site then you can check out my personal home page.

Otherwise ..... well If I haven't got your interest then there might not be anything of interest on my web site.... maybe you could mail me and tell me what you think needs done...

"Cry Haddock and Let Slip The Cods Of War!"

Scott Manley/