Light Curves Of A Fractal Asteroid

This is a neat little Idea.... Maybe one day I'll do somehting useful with it (authors note - 2 years on and I've still to do something with it).
Using my little fractal asteroid generator I thought it would be fun to vbuild a hypothtical asteroid and see what kind of rotational lightcurves it would produce. There are a lot of free variables here - asteroid rotation axis, illumination direction and then there's a whole slew of surface properties which I could look at.... anyway here' a few examples...

Test Asteroid Rotating


LIght Curve Graphs For a Range of Illumination Angles

0 degrees
45 Degrees
90 Degrees
135 Degrees
180 Degrees....
225 Degrees
270 Degrees
315 Degrees
All these angles are taken with respect to the viewer, and in the plane of the object's rotation. The Values are Log(Brightness) - don't read too much into the scales they are dimensionless - calculated by pixel counts. The x-scale is the angle of rotation in Degrees - the long axix begins at 90 degrees to the viewer.

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