Not An Englishman's Home Page!

So this is my home page. And I'm definetly not English.....

A small number of people seem to have mistaken me for an Englishman!

To stop this injustice from occuring again this page has been retitled to remind everyone who might not appreciate the difference between the north and the south of the British Isles.

About Me

Basic Information

I am currently at Armagh Observatory working towards my PhD. I already have a degree in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Glasgow and I've completed a Masters Degree in IT again at Glasgow

Other than wasting my time in academics I am also an actor, dedicated music fan, expert in useless trivia and American Football fan. I also juggle, work ou regularly and can put my feet behind my head (although I'm usually drunk when I do this).

I've also started messing around with a game called Corewar, you can see my current warrior standings on the Pizza Beginners Hill or you can find out a bit more about this at the ICWS Home Page.

The Best Things Ever

This is a page devoted to those films, books, music, etc which make peoples livees complete. Any suggestions will be gratefully recieved.

Other Links

"Two Wrongs are only the beginning"

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