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A glimpse in the Life of

Juie Shetye

So lets write something about who I am

I live in two worlds and everyday is a sweet harmony between my studious self and my adventurous self. I am a solar physicist someone who dreamt about studying the Sun as a child. In the past I have been a triathlete and had a chance to represent India at Lombok International Triathlon, Indonesia finishing 3rd. I am still someone who is addicted to water and water sports and my swimming adventures grow with my passion towards research. Well, I cannot forget to mention that I am a part-time painter (my current project is on silhouettes mainly a city scape and African Savannah - acrylic on paper/canvas). I love to travel and often my paintings will reflect the colours that I see. Most of my travel explorations deal with history, specially ancient histroy of the place. My goal would be to unnderstand the meaning of family, community and place of women in those ancient civilizations. Apart from this I have two lovely girls - Halle and Berry (guinea pigs-before people have second thoughts).



Basically I like to have symmetry in everything I do - So I have two Masters degrees (Space science from Univeristy College London (UCL), London and Physics from University of Mumbai) and before that two Bachelors degrees (Physics and Maths).


Current Research

At present I am doing a PhD in Physics (Solar physics) from Armagh Obsevatory and Queens University Belfast (QUB). My main interests are transients in the solar atmosphere and the north-south asymmetries in solar cycle (have to be in pairs).


Current Master - Prof. John Gerard Doyle (Gerry Doyle)



Press mentions

Zoom in on the Sun: The world’s most powerful super-telescope


Current home Armagh Observatory


PDf of CV (dated 13/03/2016)

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