Large, eruptive prominence in He II at 304Å, with an image of the Earth added for size comparison. This prominence from 24 July 1999 is particularly large and looping, extending over 35 Earths out from the Sun. Erupting prominences (when Earthward directed) can affect communications, navigation systems, even power grids, while also producing auroras visible in the night skies.

A prominence observed in May '98 in Fe IX 171A

A large erupting prominence with a twisting motion observed by SoHO in March '96.

An Active Region observed May '98 in Fe IX 171A

This sequence of extreme ultraviolet images shows several concentrations of dark filamentary material dancing along the solar limb, against a background of brightening coronal loops. Filamentary material is cool plasma that is supported by magnetic fields above the photosphere. They appear dark when seen against the bright solar disk. Filaments such as this one that are seen on the limb are called pronimences.

This sequence of  images shows the dynamic interactions of neighboring active regions. There are flows and brightenings and a lot of other activity but no flares.

A sequence of EUV images showing the graceful motion and evolution of a cluster of loops at the limb.