Work Experience Nov-Dec 2016 - Ella, Cameron and Stefan


Project 1: We used the Faulkes Telescope projects and Las Cumbres Observatory in order to capture images of various Messier objects as well as asteroids, including a virtual impactor. We were able to track the virtual impactor 2016 WJ1 across the sky. More details on the project can be seen here.

Project 2: During our time we used differential photometry in order to measure the magnitude of AM CVn and eclipsing binary variable stars. By doing this we were able to plot light curves and compare these to previous studies of the same stars.

Location of the binary system-
Light curve of the binary system-

Project 3: We did a project on solar flares and stellar flares in which we analysed flares and figured out the periods. From this we plotted two dimensional and three dimensional graphs. The periods 25 to 50s.

Fig.1- 3d_output_time_series

Planetarium: We visited the planetarium twice during our time at the observatory. Both times we saw a show, one on the night sky and the other focused on black holes. We were also able to walk around and see the exhibits as well as learning about the technology used to create the shows.

What I learned

I have learned how to use different computer software which enabled me to observe a range of objects. Stefan

I have learned a lot about different types of astronomy and what a job in research would be like. Ella

I have enjoyed learning about binary star systems and their relationship to variable stars. Cameron

School details

Ella and Cameron : Sullivan Upper School, Holywood

Stefan : City of Armagh High School, Armagh