Faulkes Telescope Observations


Spiral galaxy M74. Images obtained using the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network. Click on image to enlarge.

We submitted observations to use the Faulkes telescope in Haleakala on the 23rd of October between 0900-0930. To ensure a successful observation we used the Minor Planet Centre to obtain the RA and Declination of comets. We used the ephemeris service to ensure we had the most accurate RA and Declination and make sure they were visible at our booked time. We also found the RA and Declination of Messier object M74. We used the Las Cumbres Observatory website to make sure that M74 was visible at some time from the Las Cumbres telescopes.

Upon receiving the red, blue and green images we used the software DS9 to combine the images in order to gain a full colour image and tweaked it to minimize background noise.

M74 is a Spiral galaxy which is home to 100 billion stars which has two clearly defined spiral arms.

We would like to thank the Faulkes Telescope Project and Las Cumbres Observatory for allowing us to use the telescope that time to take the images.

We would also like to thank David Asher, Ruxandra Toma and the rest of the Armagh Observatory staff for helping us to complete the project.

– Rossa, John, Lauren, Nicole and Aaron

2014 October 24

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Last Revised: 2014 October 28th