Asteroids, comets (and more) with the Faulkes Telescopes

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2009 QC animation The near-Earth asteroid 2009 QC imaged on 2009 August 24th by Juliet Griffin and Andrew Magowan. Images obtained using the Faulkes Telescope North, operated by Las Cumbres Observatory.
(click on animation for more info on 2009 observing run)

Las Cumbres Observatory and the Faulkes Telescope Project have kindly provided us with observing time on the 2-metre Faulkes Telescopes and other telescopes of LCO's global telescope network, allowing school students who visit Armagh Observatory the chance to observe with the telescopes and take part in astronomical research projects. Some of these projects have involved asteroids (minor planets) and comets.

2017 November: Gaia satellite alerts - supernovae
2017 April: Comet C/2013 X1
2016 November: Virtual impactor
2016 March: The supernova in galaxy NGC 5128
2016 February: Asteroids, comets, supernova, Messier objects
2015 December: Comet 67P (Churyumov-Gerasimenko)
2015 September: Messier objects
2015 August: Follow-up of Subaru archive asteroids
2015 June: Approaching NEA + Dumbbell
2015 April: Luminous Red Nova in M101
2014 December: (3200) Phaethon, parent of the Geminid meteor shower
2014 October: M74
2014 September: Eagle Nebula
2014 January: Supernova SN2014L in galaxy M99 (from FT Project news)
2013 November: C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) and lots more comets
2013 October: NEO Confirmation Page observations
2013 October: Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring)
2013 July: Asteroids and comets
2012 December: Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)
2012 December: Asteroids and comets
2012 August: Comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS)
2012 April: eclipsing binary HW Virginis
2012 February: NEOs + Comet C/2012 C1 (McNaught)
2011 February: NEOs including NEOCP object + VI
2010 January: Comet 169P/NEAT
2010 January: Recovery of Martian companion
2009 August: Near-Earth Objects
2005 August: Dwarf planet 136199 Eris (2003 UB313)
2004 July: Near-Earth Object 54509 YORP (2000 PH5)

Various FT news articles on comets and asteroids:
Confirmation of comet C/2013 G7 Mc Naught
Confirmation of comet P/2013 A2 Scotti
Observations of binary asteroid 11264 Claudiomaccone
Close approaching asteroid 2012 LZ1
Comet 213P/Van Ness fragmentation, + asteroid discoveries

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Observing asteroids (FT Project education resources)
Visibility tool (LCO)
Exposure time calculator (LCO)
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