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This page serves as a distribution outlet for the latest versions of Sterne, Spectrum, and Sfit2 since the build environment moved over to the GNU autoconf and automake system. Now, all three programs come in one easy to build package.



12 June 2003 - Version 1.1 of lte-codes released. Now works with IFC v7.1.


Files In The Distribution

Essentially, everything from here is included, but wrapped in a build environment that actually works.


Notes Worth Reading

Because of poor Fortran 90 support in autoconf and automake, the current distribution of lte-codes uses a kluge to work around the problem. Unfortunately, because it is the only brand of F90 compiler I have access to, the source codes can only be guaranteed to build with Intel Fortran Compiler v6.0, and now with the newer v7.1.

If you are using a different F90 compiler altogether and would like to build lte-codes with it, send me a dump of the compiler's help message (which should contain a list of the various switches the compiler supports) and I'll see what I can do.

It is my plan to write (or find) some autoconf macros for Fortran 90 that will automagically deal with various different compilers.



lte-codes-1.1 :: Sources and RPMs for Intel Fortran Compiler v7.1


lte-codes-1.0 :: Sources and RPMs for Intel Fortran Compiler v6.0


Installation Instructions

  • lte-codes-1.x Tarball

    The build procedure for the lte-codes-1.x tarball is no different to any other Open Source package that uses the autoconf and automake tools:

    1. tar -xvzf lte-codes-1.x.tar.gz
    2. cd lte-codes-1.x
    3. ./configure
    4. make
    5. su to root
    6. make install

    Note: At present, you must run 'make install' as root. The shell scripts used to provide an interface to Sterne and Spectrum are not yet smart enough to handle a non-root install to an arbitrary directory. I plan to fix this issue in a future release.


  • Binary RPM

    The binary RPM package was constructed on an Intel P4 2.5GHz PC running RedHat GNU/Linux 8.0. To install the RPM on your machine, follow these instructions:

    1. su to root
    2. rpm -Uvh lte-codes-1.x-1.i386.rpm


  • Source RPM

    To build the source RPM, type the following:

    1. su to root
    2. rpmbuild --rebuild lte-codes-1.x-1.src.rpm
      [This will build a binary RPM for your system]
    3. rpm -Uvh <path to RPM produced by step 2>
      [Path will be something like: /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/lte-codes-1.x-1.i386.rpm]



Any problems at all, send me a bug report. A quick response is guaranteed.



© Chris Winter, 2007
cwr at arm dot ac dot uk