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General Utilities

etcmakeUtilities for building libraries and applications
incf77Global COMMON referenced with f77 INCLUDE statement
packf77/f90Extensive subroutine libraries for theoretical astrophysics, spectroscopic analysis and numerical methods

Stellar Atmospheres

sternef77Model atmospheres in LTE
spectrumf77LTE radiative transfer
lte_linescshellLinelists for spectral analysis
idlinesidlTools for building a spectral atlas
ffitf90Fit stellar flux distributions (one or two stars)
sfit2f90Fit hires spectrum for Teff, log g, n_i, v sin i, for single and binary stars. n_i is the abundance of an arbitrary element.

Individual Subroutine Libraries

(see also subroutine library index)
tap f77/f90Theoretical AstroPhysics Library

Other Items

lte_codesf77/f90/makeAll the tools, libraries and applications in one giant tarfile (4.2Mb)

Installation Guide

1. Setting up your folders
2. Obtaining the software
3. Building subroutine libraries
4. Building spectrum
5. Building sterne
6. Subroutine library index

Detailed reports describing bugs in the download/installation procedure or in the software itself will be welcome and should be addressed to Simon Jeffery at the address below.

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