Primitive Routines

ew_extract, w, t, f, ew

extract equivalent widths ew(t) from 2d spectrum f(w,t)

eqw_calc, w, f, ew

compute equivalent widths from normalized spectra

* fft_filter, original, t, g_cen, g_sig, filtered

smooth a function with a gaussian filter

gauss_filter, n, t, g_cen, g_sig, freqs, filter

compute a gaussian filter for applying to a FFT

lp_moment, v, p, v_rest, mom

calulate moments of a line profile

dft_period, t,f,frq,dft,clean_mode

compute periodogram dft(frq) from a light curve f(t). Use CLEAN if clean_mode = 1.

prbola, xv, yv, a, as, t, ts, is, fit

fit a parabola fit(xv) to an arbitrary function yv(xv)

sinefit, x, a, f

evaluates a sine function on a given x-array