Major procedures

analyse_bruce, star, mode, restart_flag

Run all the time-series analysis routines for a BRUCE dataset.


Read in stellar spectra from FITS files


read in BRUCE model spectra from FITS files

lightcurve, w, t, f, lc

extract a lightcurve lc(t) from the 2d spectrum f(w,t)

normalise, creg

convert 2d flux spectra f(w,t) to 2d normalized spectra


remove spikes from data and replace with continuum

xcorrelate, star, gplot, starname

cross-correlate individual spectra in datablock against mean spectrum

xcorr_template, specm, nccf, ix1, ix2, template, wave, star

construct templates for ccf

xcorr_fits, dfl, mode, gplot, xsave

computes centroids of ccfs from 2d array

xvclean, tvec, dvec, gplot, flat, rv

clean the data by removing outliers, fit and subtract low frequency background.

out2dip, label, wave, spec, freq, cft, time, vels, bg_t, bg+v

write out results to ascii files