T  A  N  G  E  R  I  N  E      D  R  E  A  M

Live at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London England

November 30th 1996

Sorry that the image aren't that stunning quality-wise, but I think you'll agree the content makes it worthwhile.

Edgar and Jerome Froese

Linda Spa, looking for heavenly guidance?, or just looking heavenly!

p.s. Linda, any time you're in England.......give me a call ! 8^)

Edgar Froese                                                     Linda Spa

Edgar and Linda playing a Classical Piano Duet

Not sure of these guys names, but they played some pretty cool geetarz! ... shame this guy thought he was a bloody rock star!

Tangerine Dream - "Shepherds Bush"

A CD single produced especially for the Concert, signed by Edgar & Jerome

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