For Invisible Limits piano try Cm Ab F G - a minor version of the standard
pop music 'turnaround' (tonic submediant subdominant dominant for those who 
like that kind of terminology) progression (Blue Moon and the chorus of 
Cinammon Road); 

Ricochet Pt II piano is just Cm Gm alternating

Some others

Dolphin Dance - Em D Em D Em D A Am7
White Eagle - Am F G Bm
Beach Scene - A E Bm A E F sharp min  E F sharp min repeats  D E then back
to A E Bm etc
Song of the Whale I - Em Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 Bm F Em D
Yellowstone Park - Am G D F Am G D F G
Logos I final section - Em D C repeats Am G D with f sharp in bass Fmaj7
repeats At end
                    this sequence changes to Am Em F G

I sat down at the keys for a few minutes last night, and this is what I got: 
(quick and dirty! :-) )
C min, Ab maj 7, Eb maj, F min (or play C min over an F).