Hello all,

As the end of the year is rapidly approaching, here are some suggestions
for the Tadream Mailing List/Tangerine Dream Awards for 1996:

The "Most Legendary List Member" Award - 
Armin Theissen

The "Saddam Hussein Award For Promoting International Amity" -
Michael Kepler
(with an honourable mention to Craig Cordrey for his response
to the Dutch guy who complained about people including personal
reminiscences in their postings)

The "It's Hard Being a TD Fan Sometimes" Award - 
The Canadians, who are probably still waiting for _Goblins Club_
and will get _The Dream Roots Collection_ sometime in the next
millenium, with a bit of luck...

The "Mine's Bigger Than Yours Award" (tape list, that is...) -
John Burek

The "What Planet Are They On?" Award -
The people who subscribe to the list then can't work out how to get off  

The "If You Were The Only Girl On the List" Award -

The "Worse Timing than Ringo Starr" Award - 
Alan Stocker's wife, for giving birth just before the concert.

The "Worse Hair than Michael Schenker" Award -
Jerome Froese

The "Worst TD Album since _Tyranny of Beauty_" Award -
_Goblins Club_

The "But Still Better than _Cyclone_ and _Tyger_" Award - 
_Goblins Club_

The "Hmm, Possibly Something of a Contradiction Here" Award -
Edgar Froese, who explained at great length that the concept behind
_Tyranny of Beauty_ was that looks don't matter, whilst plastering the 
coincidentally gorgeous but almost non-contributing Linda Spa all over 
the band's recent album covers.

The "Look, No Hands" Award -
Jerome Froese throughout the London concert.

The "We May Mime Sometimes But At Least We Can Play When We Want To, Jerome" 
Award -
Edgar Froese and Linda Spa throughout the London concert

The "Hmm, Possibly Something of a Contradiction Here" Award, Part 2 - 
Edgar Froese, for saying "everything we can play live we do" in numerous 

The "Oi, you lot! Leave Jerome alone!" Award -
Gabe Yedid

The "Most Sophisticated Jerome Insult" Award - 
Brendan, for "Hey, Jerome, you suck!"

The "Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour" Award
Edgar Froese and 'Mr' Franke

The "They'll Never Admit It" Award - 
Joint winners -
1. Chris Franke, for "Mein Gott! Almost all I've done since leaving TD
is make dull, derivative orchestral soundtrack pap!"
2. Edgar Froese, for "Scheisse! Tangerine Dream without Chris in it
just ain't the same"

The "Least Likely Personnel Change In Tangerine Dream" Award - 
Linda Spa replaced by Margaret Thatcher

The "Least Likely Career Change" Award - 
Edgar Froese gives up music to become Madonna's personal trainer

The "Least Likely Name Change for Tangerine Dream" Award -
Eddie and the Sugar Plums

The "Most Likely Next Cover Version by Tangerine Dream" Award -
'Come On Baby Glaze My Love Cherries' by Eddie and the Sugar Plums

The "Wouldn't It Be Funny If..." Award -
Klaus Schulze booked for the Superbowl half-time show

The "Wouldn't It Be Funny If..." Award, Part 2 -
As a mark of respect to TD, 'Wahn' is chosen as the new German
national anthem

The "Whinge About 1990s TD But Still Think The Concert Was Fabulous" Award -

Genug, genug. Ich spreche zuviel... :-)