One day we played with Tangerine Dream on a festival in some castle. Lasted the entire weekend, and we visited Guru Guru wo lived somewhere around. And these guys dropped us some trips into our tea. Just before the gig! Geez... That was a gig! Conny Schnitzler had a violin with a pickup which he just held in front of the speaker, and it just screamed the whole time. Edgar told us later that he thought the guitar neck was 10 meters long and he couldn't reach it. And me with my drums - I hit them and the sound arrived only half a minute later. Just for a brief moment, in one of those brighter moments you have on such trips, I saw a guy in the front row - he was 10 meters away from me for sure and I thought he stood right in front of me - and he just said: "Man, these guys are kaputt".