Here's the section with the anecdote, taken from the _Electronic Soundmaker
and Computer Music_ magazine, 1985:

Q: Do you often use old pieces of music for films, TV or the theatre and
give them further exposure on an album?

Edgar: "No, although we counted around ten whole albums' worth of unused
material from our last years with Virgin. When we were doing __Encore_ in
1977 we used a piece of music that we'd made for the play _Oedipus
Tyrannus_ at the Chichester Festival under Keith Mitchell a couple of years
before. Generally we wouldn't do that, but one of the reasons was the
departure of Peter Baumann. The whole record was done when Peter decided to
stay in the States so we looked back to what we had and used a couple of
pieces from rehearsals we did, and the _Oedipus_ pieces which came from CBS
studios in London in '74-'75."

Christoph: "It(s) maybe that we'd take a piece we'd done for a film and
play it live, but to be perfectly honest most of the film music pieces are
much too complicated to play live because of all the cue points in the
film. That particular piece was very slow and floating so it would have
been much easier."


Since we were on the subject of _Encore_, the bands' live double album from
their 1977 American tour, I asked a few more pointed questions about that
era-such as whether "Coldwater Canyon" was a genuine live piece?

Edgar: "Why do you think it wasn't? In fact we played that piece on a lot
fewer dates than the others because it came from the second half of the
tour. The first part went very well but the second half was knocked down
after three concerts. We always said I broke my arm falling off a horse,
which was b*******. I can hardly ride a horse. (Christoph adds "that's
probably why you fell off it"). The real reason was that all the concert
promoters went bankrupt because Emerson. Lake and Palmer had just cancelled
their massive tour with a 120-piece orchestra. We were part of the disaster
and we lost a lot of money on the tour. We had to grab together some bits
and pieces-on "Cherokee Lane" there were pieces from three ot four
concerts, so we got a lot of letters saying 'I've got the tape from the
concert you played here and I can't find that part anywhere!'"

"Sometimes we played for three hours and even on a double album you've only
got four times twenty minutes, so obviosly you have to edit things