I thought you might be interested in = the following
interview, which was given by TD
in 1982 after the concert in Budapest.
It is funny how that concert came to = be in the first
place. The Hungarian State Concert Organizing Agency
decided = to organize a so-called CHIP Festival and
they contacted Kraftwerk, OMD = (!!!) and Rick Wakeman.
None of these could come so someone suggested = TD
because they had a tour going on anyway and (to save
the day) Klaus Schulze = also packed his gear and came
with Reiner Bloss (that gig is included in = his Jubilee
Edition BTW).
So here is the interview, which = appeared in Magyar
Ifjusag (Hungarian Youth Magazine) issue #46 = 1982:
"Like on stage, the central = position at the press
conference was taken by Chris Franke with
metal-rimmed = glasses and a strange-looking beard,
which gave him the look of an = astrologist.
Neither he nor Johannes Schmoelling on his right was
too talkative though. = The answers mainly came from
the tall, fair-haired Edgar Froese, who = could use
his appearance very well in a German beer = commercial.
Q: What was the greatest success in = your life?
A: Some years ago I discovered that = I was alive.
This was the greatest shock and the greatest success
in my = life at the same time.
Q: I meant business = success...
A: Frankly, we didn't start this = thing to make money.
The story is: in 1973 our German record company = went
bankrupt. Nobody wanted to contract us in our country
saying our music was too = odd. Then we went to England
and Virgin offered a contract. It may be a coincident
that the album we released that year (Phaedra) was
an international hit. That gave a boost but we have
never made a record = with the intention to be No1 on
the charts.
Q: You have recently said that you = are working on
uniting people. Your stage setting and your music
however feel = cold. Isn't it a contradiction?
A: What is cold? What is warm? Could = you describe
either one without using the other one? It is the
balance = of feelings. If you say 'cold', you must be
aware of the characteristics = of 'warm' and vica versa.
If you say 'technology', your subconscious immediately
labels it as 'cold'. But could you describe = the
difference between a tree and a computer? Tree? Metal?
Leaves? Numbers? All of = these come from your subconscious.
No difference: both are part of our = objective world.
We just say something is warm because we remember them
this = way from our childhood. And things that come later
may cause a conflict = so we call them cold and unfitting.
The things that surround you are = neither cold nor warm:
they are neutral. You make them feel either = way.
Q: Doesn't it bother you that the = audience can hardly see
you on your concert?
A: No, why should it?
Q: Because no one can see who is = doing what... You are
A: The point is: would you say after = a violin concert
that the violinist played well just because you could
see = how his or her fingers were moving?
Q: No, but neither one of you can be = identified with
the sounds being played. In this respect there is = no
difference between listening to a record or a concert.
A: So you feel betrayed because your = fantasy could not
follow the process we were making...? People always
want = to see how things are going on. And once they can
not see, they are forced = to 'make' their own concert.
There were 11 thousand people in the audience tonight.
That means 11 thousand different concerts. If = there
weren't such a great demand for visual effects and if
people didn't insist on = seeing the musicians, we would
much prefer playing in total darkness and behind = the
stage. We don't need to be seen. You say you cannot
identify with = things that you cannot see. But why?
Close your eyes. Listen to the music. = Forget the
people on the stage. But if you want to see us, well,
we are there.
Q: Is this the only way to express = your feelings? With
all this high-tech gear?
A: We have talked a lot about what = would happen if all
the computers disappeared. If we were to blow a comb
or a = wind instrument, we could express ourselves.
Technology only helps to do it..."
That's it folks. I hope you enjoyed = reading it as much
as I enjoyed translating it (something like this was
said = by Cow in an episode of the 'Cow and Chicken'
cartoon and it fits here... :-)