By Dave Datta  Revision 8.1 (Feb 7, 1996)
                /____  \
              _____  ______    ___
              \    | |     \  /   \
            /\ \   | |     | |     |
            \ \ \  | |     |  \___/  /|
          /\ \ \ \ | |     |        / |
         / /  \ \ \| |_____| |\    / /
        / /    \ \           | \  / /
       / /      \ \           \ \/ /
      / /        \_\           \__/
     / / ___________
    / / /___________)   ========        +====
   / /                     ||           ||   \\
  / /                      || angerine  ||    |) ream
 /_/                       ||           ||   //
                           ||           +====

This document is a comprehensive and (hopefully) complete discography of
Tangerine Dream.

This list was compiled by Dave Datta.


     PRODUCTS. PLEASE DO NOT ASK. If you would like help tracking
     down legitimate releases, please feel free to contact me. The
     listings of bootlegs is also by no means complete and I have
     no wish to add to it.

          - Dave Datta

The information included is from the covers, the books included in the
boxed sets and Compact Discs, interviews with the band and the following
people to whom I give special thanks:

     Steve Avery, Rene Bakker, tgb, Neil Bowers, Mark Dobie, Erwin
     Dondorp, Steven Feldman, Martin Forsberg, P.G., Keith Gregoire,
     Don Grimm, Paul Grove, Ian Heath, Hubert Janczak, Dirk Kastens,
     Michael Legner, Mathias Luthi, Pierre Mailhot, Daniel Mayost,
     Metlay, Alan Michaels, James Frederick Moore, Robert Pietkivitch,
     Private Music, Rainer Rutka, Nick Rothwell, Patrik Sanfridsson,
     Andreas Schadschneider, Steven Seidman, Dave Steiner, Jan Tack,
     Cliff Tuel, Alec Turner, Chad Vance, John Voesten, Eric Warner,
     Dan Welter, David Wilson.

An extra special thanks to Rainer Rutka for making all of the revisions
from Version 8.0 to 8.1! 

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Changes from Revision 8.1: (Rainer Rutka)

     Ossiach-Live (2CD), Sorcerer (CD), Catch me if you can (ST, CD),
     Quinoa (CD), Rockoon (CD5), Dreamtime (CD5), Turn of the Tides
     (CD5), The Dream Mixes (CD5), Three Phase (Video), Tangents
     Warsaw in the Sun (German Single), Sampler "Schimanskis Tatort
     Hits" and "Kosmische Musik"
     Lots of corrections and ad-ons.

Short discography abbreviations Key:

Album     Full album release.

CA        Music Cassette

CD        Compact Disc

LP        12" Long Playing vinyl album

7"        7" Vinyl release, usually a single from an album.

12"       12" Vinyl release

CD5       5" CD Single release (ok, 4.77 inches)

(CD) Collection Album
          A collection of songs that are released on various albums and
          the total collection is too large to be called a single. The
          collection albums do not necessarily have the exact same
          versions that are included on the album or 12" releases.

          A collection album that has various tracks from other albums.
          These tracks are the same as the tracks found on the Singles
          and Album releases.

          Soundtrack to a film or play. Released in Album format.

Live Album
          A collection of new and previously released songs recorded

Video Album
          A release intended for Video release only.

Box Set   A Box set of previously released and/or unreleased material
Short Discography (Bootlegs not included)

1966      Lady Greengrass/Love of Mine                      7"
1970      Electronic Meditation                             Album
1971      Alpha Centauri                                    Album
1972      Ultima Thule                                      7"
          Zeit                                              Album
1973      Atem                                              Album
          Green Desert                                      Album
1974      Phaedra                                           Album
1975      Rubycon                                           Album
1976      Ricochet                                          Live Album
          Betrayal/Grind                                    7"
          Stratosfear/The big Sleep in Search of Hades      7"
          The Tangerine Dream Single                        7"
1977      Stratosfear                                       Album
          Encore                                            Live Album
          Sorcerer                                          Soundtrack
          Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)/Search                  7"
          Encore/Hobo March                                 7"
          Monolight Part 2/Monolight Part 2                 7"
1978      Cyclone                                           Album
1979      Force Majeure                                     Album
          Excerpts from Force Majeure                       7"
1980      Tangerine Dream 1970-1980                         Box Set
          Tangram                                           Album
          Tangram Part 1,2/Tangram Part 3,4                 7"
          Quichotte- Live East Berlin '80                   Live Album
1981      Choronozon/Network 23                             7"
          Dr. Destructo                                     12"
          Exit                                              Album
          Thief                                             Soundtrack
1982      White Eagle                                       Album
          Logos - Live at the Dominion                      Live Album
          Das Maedchen auf der Treppe (Tatort-ST)           12"
1983      Hyperborea                                        Album
          Wavelength                                        Soundtrack
          Cinnamon Road/Hyperborea                          7"
          Risky Business                                    Soundtrack
          Daydream/Moorland                                 7"
1984      Poland                                            Live Album
          Extracts from Poland: The Warsaw Concert          Live Album
          Warsaw In The Sun                                 12"
          Warsaw In The Sun/Polish Dance                    7"
          Firestarter                                       Soundtrack
          Flashpoint                                        Soundtrack
          Flashpoint/Going West                             7",12"
1985      Le Parc                                           Album
          Dream Sequence                                    Compilation 
          Heartbreakers                                     Soundtrack
          Streethawk/Tiergarten                             7"
          Streethawk                                        12"
          Streethawk                                        12"
          Madchen auf der Treppe/ Katja                     7"
1986      In the Beginning                                  Box Set
          Legend                                            Soundtrack
          Underwater Sunlight                               Album
          Dolphin Dance                                     12"
          Pergamon Live at the >>Palast der Republik GDR<<  Live Album
1987      Tyger                                             Album
          Shy People                                        Soundtrack
          Dancing on a White Moon                           7"
          Collection                                        Compilation 
          Near Dark                                         Soundtrack
          Three O'Clock High                                Soundtrack
          A Time For Heroes                                 12"/CD5
          Tyger                                             7"/12"
          Canyon Dreams                                     Video Album
1988      Livemiles                                         Live Album
          Optical Race                                      Album
          Marakesh                                          CD5
          Optical Race                                      CD5
          Optical Race                                      CD5
          House of the Rising Sun                           Flexi Single
1989      Miracle Mile                                      Soundtrack
          Lily On the Beach                                 Album
          The Best of Tangerine Dream!                      Compilation 
          Destination Berlin                                Soundtrack
          Alexandre Square                                  7"/12"/CD5
          Catch Me if you can                               Soundtrack
1990      Melrose                                           Album
          Tangerine Dream Box                               CD Re-issue
          Dead Solid Perfect                                Soundtrack
1991      The Man Inside                                    Soundtrack
          I Just Want To Rule My Own Life Without You       CD5 
          From dawn 'til dusk - Tangerine Dream - 1973-88   Compilation
          Canyon Dreams                                     Soundtrack
          The Park Is Mine                                  Soundtrack
1992      Tyger                                             Re-worked
          Rockoon                                           Album
          Rockoon Special Edition                           CD5
          Deadly Care                                       Soundtrack
          Dream Music, The Movie Music of Tangerine Dream   Soundtrack Compilation
          The Private Music of Tangerine Dream              Compilation
          Quinoa                                            Live Album
1993      220 Volts Live                                    Live Album
          Dreamtime                                         CD5
          Three Phase                                       Video Album
1994      Turn of the Tides                                 Album
          Selections from Turn of the Tides                 CD5
          Tangents 1973-1983                                5CD Box
1995      The Dream Mixes                                   Album


1966      Lady Greengrass/Love of Mine

          The Ones

          0.00   Lady Greengrass
          0.00   Love of Mine

                 7" Star Club 148 593 SST

1970      Electronic Meditation              

          Edgar Froese (6 and 12 String Guitar, Farfasia Organ, Piano)
          Klaus Schulze (Drums, Percussion, Metal Sticks)
          Conrad Schnitzler (Cello, Violin, Additator Typewriter)

          Klaus Freudigmann (Engineer)

          Recorded October 1969 at the Mixed Media using an old Revox

           5.56  Genesis
          12.22  Journey Through A Burning Brain
          10.38  Cold Smoke
           4.06  Ashes To Ashes
           3.27  Resurrection

                 CA Relativity 88561 8068 4 (USA 1987)
                 CD Jive Electro CTANG1 (UK 1986)
                 CD Relativity 88561 8068 2 (USA 1987)
                 LP Ohr OMM 56.004 (Germany 1970)
                 LP Ohr OMM 556.004 (Germany 1970)
                 LP EMI Odeon EOP-80618 (Japan 1970)
                 LP Virgin 2401 722 (UK 1976)
                 LP Interfusion L-35450 (New Zealand)
                 LP Relativity EMC 8068 (USA)
                 LP Virgin 202 724 (France)

1971      Alpha Centauri

          Edgar Froese (Guitar, Bass, Organ, Coffee Machine)
          Christoph Franke (Percussion, Lotos Flute, Piano Harp, Zither,
                 VCS 3 Synth)
          Steve Schroeder (Hammond and Farfasia Organ)
          Udo Dennenbourg (Flute, Words)
          Roland Paulick (VCS 3 Synth)

          Dieter Dierks (Engineer)

          Recorded Late 1970/January 1971 at Dierks Studios in
          Stommelen/Cologne. Schulze had left to pursue a solo career.
          First time a bona fide synthesizer was used.

           4.20  Sunrise In The Third System
          13.03  Fly And Collision Of Comas Sola
          22.00  Alpha Centauri

                 2LP??  Relativity 88561-8069-1 (Canada)
                 2LP Virgin VD 2504
                 2LP Virgin 28 990 XBU       (Quad/Stereo) (W. Germany)
                                             (with Atem)
                 2LP Virgin VD2504 [Festival L-45751/2] (Australia)
                                             (with Atem in 1976)
                 LP 1976, record
                 2LP Brain 2/1082 (with Atem)
                 CD Jive Electro C TANG 5
                 CD Relativity 88561-8069-2 
                 LP PDU/Ohr Musik/Cosmic Courier Production (Italy)
                 LP Polydor Super 2383 314
                 LP Ohr OMM 556 012
                 LP Ohr 940 509
                 LP Relativity EMC 8069
                 LP PLD-QA-5096 (Quad/Stereo/Mono)

1972      Ultima Thule

           3.32  Part 1
           4.31  Part 2

                 7" Ohr OSS 57006
                 7" PDU 1101 (Italy 1975) (diff cover)

1972      Zeit

          Edgar Froese (Gliss Guitar, Several Noise Generators)
          Christoph Franke (VCS 3 Synth, Cymbals, Keyboards)
          Peter Baumann (VCS 3 Synth, Organ, Vibraphon)
          Steve Schroeder (Organ)
          Florian Fricke (Moog Synth)
          Christian Vallbracht (Cello)
          Jochen Von Grumbcow (Cello)
          Hans Joachim Brune (Cello)
          Johannes Lucke (Cello)

          Dieter Dierks (Engineer)

          "Zeit" translates to "time". 
          Recorded May 1972 at Dierks Studios in Stommelen/Cologne.

          20.00  Birth Of Liquid Plejades
          18.00  Nebulous Dawn
          20.12  Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities
          17.43  Zeit

                 CA  88561-8070-4 (Canada)
                 2LP Relativity 88561-8070-1 (Canada)
                 2LP Brain 2/1086
                 2LP Virgin 28987 XBU
                 2LP PDU PIM SQ 6010/11
                 2LP Relativity EMC 8070
                 2LP Virgin VD 2503
                 2CD Relativity 88561-8070-2
                 2LP Interfusion [Festival L-45583/4] (New Zealand)
                 CD Jive Electro C TANG 3
                 LP Ohr OMM 256 021
                 LP Cosmic Couriers/Disques Clementine CLE-33003
                 LP Polydor 2383-297 (Australia)

1973      Atem

          Edgar Froese (Mellotron, Guitar, Organ, Voice)
          Christoph Franke (Organ, VCS 3 Synth, Percussion, Voice)
          Peter Baumann (Organ, VCS 3 Synth, Piano)

          Dieter Dierks (Engineer)

          "Atem" translates to "Breath"
          Recorded Dec 1972/ January 1973 at Dierks Studios in
          Stommelen/Cologne. All conventional instruments dropped in
          favour of electronic equipment. Last album on the Ohr label.

          20.25  Atem
          10.43  Fauni-Gena
           5.49  Circulation Of Events
           4.31  Wahn

                 CA Relativity 88561-8071-4 
                 CD Relativity 88561-8071-2
                 CD Jive Electro C TANG 2
                 2LP Virgin 28 990 XBU       (Quad/Stereo) (W. Germany)
                                             (with Alpha Centauri, 1976)
                 2LP Brain 2/1082 (with Alpha Centauri)
                 2LP Virgin VD2504 [Festival L-45751/2] (Australia)
                                             (with Alpha Centauri in
                 LP Ohr OMM 566 031
                 LP Polydor Super 2383 314
                 LP Relativity EMC 8071
                 LP Virgin 940 526

1973      Green Desert

          Froese (Synthesizers)
          Franke (Synthesizers)

          Recorded in early 1973 re-mixed and mastered 1984, released

          19.31  Green Desert
           5.03  White Clouds
           7.05  Astral Voyager
           6.50  Indian Summer

                 CD Relativity 88561 8072
                 CD Zomba C TANG 1
                 CD Relativity EMCD 8072/TRCD 8072 (diff cover)
                 LP Relativity EMC 8072
                 LP Relativity Records 88561-8072-1 

1974      Phaedra

          Edgar Froese (Mellotron, Guitar-Bass, VCS 3 Synth, Organ)
          Christoph Franke (Moog Synth, Keyboards, VCS 3 Synth)
          Peter Baumann (Organ, E-Piano, VCS 3 Synth, Flute)

          Phil Becque (Engineer)

          Recorded in December 1973 at the Manor/Shipton-On-Cherwell.
          First album for Virgin Records, Made Top 10 on the British
          charts. First gold record.

          17.35  Phaedra
           9.43  Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares
           7.57  Movements Of A Visionary
           2.20  Sequent C'

                 CA Virgin TCV 2010 (Canada)
                 CA Virgin 7-90933-4
                 CA Virgin VIC 2010 
                 CD Virgin CDV 2010
                 LP Virgin V 2010
                 LP Virgin V 2010 (Israel)
                 LP Virgin V 2010 [Festival L-35138] (Australia)
                 LP Virgin 87 761 XOT
                 LP Virgin/Atlantic VR 13-108 (Picture label)
                 LP Virgin International/JEM VI-2010
                 LP Phonogramm 912 4127 (Brazil)
                 LP Virgin OVED 25

1974      Reims Cathedral Dec 12, 1974
                 Bootleg Tape Recording

1975      Rubycon

          Edgar Froese (Mellotron, Guitar, Gong, VCS 3 Synth, Organ)
          Christoph Franke (Double Moog Synth, Gong, Synth A, Organ, VCS
                 3 Synth)
          Peter Baumann (Organ, E-Piano, Synth A Voice, Arp 2600)

          Mick Glossop (Engineer)

          Recorded January 1975 at the Manor/Shipton-On-Cherwell.

          17.18  Rubycon Part 1
          17.35  Rubycon Part 2

                 CA Virgin 7-91009-4
                 CA Virgin OVEDC-27
                 CA Virgin VIC 2025
                 CD Virgin CDV 2025
                 CD Virgin 2-91009
                 LP Virgin International/JEM VI-2025
                 LP Virgin V 2025
                 LP Virgin V 2025 [Festival L-35399] (Australia)
                 LP Virgin VIP-6919 (Japan)
                 LP Virgin OVED 27
                 LP Virgin 88 754 XOT (W. Germany)

1975      Dream Unbound/Dream Unbound
                 7" Public Records 5288-A (bootleg)

1975      Seekers of Dreams/Seekers of Dreams
                 7" Public Records 5188-A (bootleg)

1975      Adelaide Mar 25, 1975
          London 1975
          Orange Roman Amphitheater Aug 14, 1975
          Reims Opera Sept 23, 1975
                 Bootleg Tape Recordings

1976      Ricochet

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Peter Baumann

          Recorded Autumn 1975 live in France & England.

          17.02  Ricochet Part 1
          21.13  Ricochet Part 2

                 CA Virgin 7-90932-4
                 CA Virgin VIC 2044
                 CD Virgin CDV 2044
                 CD Virgin 2-90932
                 LP Virgin 89 679 XOT
                 LP Virgin International/JEM VI-2044
                 LP Virgin OVED 26
                 LP Virgin V 2044
                 LP Virgin V2044 [Festival L-35736] (Australia)
                 LP Virgin VIP-4151 (Japan)
                 LP Virgin VIL-12044 (Italy, red album cover)

1976      Betrayal/Grind

                 MCA Records (Spanish ???)

1976      Stratosfear/The big Sleep in Search of Hades

           0.00  Stratosfear
           0.00  Big Sleep In Search Of Hades

                 7" Virgin VJD 17

1976      The Tangerine Dream Single

                 7" Virgin (?) V 17633 (Holland)
                                             (Shortened versions of the
                                             single "Stratosfear/The Big

1976      Live In France (?Amsterdam 1976?)
          Nottingham Juni 1976
          Seattle 76 "Flotzenslecker"
          Seattle 76 "Netz-Lautsterke"
          Seattle 76 "Babylon's Strange"

                 Bootleg Tape Recordings

1977      Stratosfear

          Edgar Froese (Mellotron, Moog Synth, 12 & 6 String Guitars,
                 Grand Piano, Bass Guitar, Mouth Organ)
          Christoph Franke (Moog Synth, Organ, Percussion, Loop
                 Mellotron, Harpsichord)
          Peter Baumann (Moog Synth, Projekt Electronic Rhythm Computer,
                 Fender E-Piano, Mellotron)

          Otto (Engineer)

          Recorded August 1976 at Audio Studios, Berlin.

          10.04  Stratosfear
           4.45  Big Sleep In Search Of Hades
           8.10  3am At The Border Of The Marsh From Okefenokee
          11.40  Invisible Limits

                 CA Virgin TCV 2068 (Canada)
                 CA Virgin VIC 2068
                 CD Virgin CDV 2068
                 CD Virgin 2-91010
                 LP Virgin X 698
                 LP Virgin VI 2068
                 LP Virgin V2068 [Festival L-36052] (Australia)
                 LP Virgin V 2068 (UK) 
                 LP Virgin OVED 70
                 LP Virgin P 234427 (USA, Promo)
                 LP Virgin/CBS PZ-34427
                 LP Virgin International/Victor VIP.4152 (JA)

1977      Encore

          Edgar Froese (Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitars, Twin Keyboard
                 Mellotron Mark V, Steinway Grand Piano, Oberheim Four
                 Voice Polyphonic Synth, Arp Omnistring Synth, Arp
                 Digital Soloist Synth P.P.G. Synth, Moog Modular Synth,
                 Projekt Electronic Time Control System)
          Christoph Franke (Moog Modular Synth, Projekt Electronic
                 Sequencer, Computerstudio Digital Sequencer, Mellotron
                 M.400, Arp Soloist Synth, Elka String Synth, Oberheim
                 Sequencer, Oberheim Eight Voice Polyphonic Synth,
                 Electronic Percussion)
          Peter Baumann (Projekt Electronic Modular Synth, Projekt
                 Electronic Sequencer, Fender Rhodes Piano, Arp Soloist
                 Synth, Mellotron M.400, EMS Vocoder with AKG Micro
                 C414, Elka String Synth)

          Recorded live during the North American Tour March/April 1977

          16.19  Cherokee Lane
          19.54  Monolight
          18.06  Coldwater Canyon
          17.30  Desert Dream

                 2LP Virgin VD 2506
                 2LP Virgin 25 495 XBT (W. Germany)
                 2LP Virgin 25 524 XBT
                 2LP Virgin PZG35014
                 LP Virgin P 26 35014 (USA, Promo)
                 CD Virgin CDVD 2506

1977      Sorcerer

          Edgar Froese (Fender Stratocaster Guitars, Gibson Les Paul
                 Custom Guitars, Twin Keyboard Mellotron Mark V,
                 Steinway-Grand Piano, Oberheim Polyphonic Synth, Arp
                 Omni String Synth, PPG Synth)
          Christoph Franke (Moog Modular Synth, Projekt Elektronik
                 Sequencer, Computerstudio Digital Sequencer, Mellotron,
                 Arp Soloist Synth, Elka String Synth, Oberheim
          Peter Baumann (Projekt Elektronik Modular Synthesizer, Projekt
                 Elektronik Sequencer, Fender Rhodes Piano, Arp Soloist
                 Synth, Mellotron)

          Original Soundtrack to the motion Picture. Recorded in Europe.
          Europe release was titled "Wages of Fear" but all audio-only
          releases are titled "Sorcerer"

           5.28  Main Title
           2.54  Search
           1.57  The Call
           5.00  Creation
           5.32  Vengeance
           2.00  The Journey
           3.01  Grind
           2.30  Rain Forest
           7.04  Abyss
           1.53  The Mountain Road
           2.55  Impressions Of Sorcerer
           3.38  Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)

                 LP MCA 1 201 315 (Spain)
                 LP MCA MCF 2806
                 LP MCA MCL 1646
                 LP MCA 2277
                 LP MCA 201 315 (W. Germany)
                 CD-Issue: MCA MCD 10842 (AAD) (Austria)

1977      Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)/Search

                 7" MCA PSR 413
                 7" Virgin ???

1977      Encore/Hobo March

           0.00  Encore
           0.00  Hobo March

                 7" Virgin VS 199A

1977      Monolight Part 2/Monolight Part 2

           0.00  Monolight Part 2
           0.00  Monolight Part 2

                 7" Virgin ZS8 9516

1977      Cleveland Oct 4, 1977
          Detroit 1977
                 Bootleg Tape Recordings

1978      Cyclone

          Edgar Froese (Oberheim Eight Voice Polyphonics Synth, Twin
                 Keyboard Mellotron Mark V, Arp Digital Soloist Synth,
                 Moog Modular Synth & Projekt Electronic Time Control
                 System, Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitars, Korg PS 3100
                 Polyphonic Synth, Roland GS 500 Guitar & GR 500
                 Controller, Solina String Ensemble, Ovation Acoustic
          Christoph Franke (Moog Modular Synth, Projekt Electronic
                 Sequencer, Computerstudio Digital Sequencer, Loop
                 Mellotron, Mellotron M 400,Arp Soloist Synth, Elka
                 String Synth, Electronic Percussion, Oberheim
                 Sequencer, Oberheim Eight Voice Polyphonic Synth, OBY
          Steve Jolliffe (Vocals, Bass Flute, C-Flute, Piccolo, COR
                 Angelas, Bass Clarinet, Hohner Clarinet, Elka String
                 Synth, Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes, Roland System-100
                 Synth, Tenor & Soprano Horns, Lyricon by Computone)
          Klaus Krieger (Polyester Custom Built Drums with Multi Trigger
                 Unit, Electronic Percussion, Paiste Cymbals, Bubims,
                 Burma Gong Set)

          Ottmar Bergler (Recording Engineer)

          Recorded January 1978 at Audio Studios, Berlin

          13.00  Bent Cold Sidewalk
           4.55  Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender
          20.32  Madrigal Meridian

                 CA Virgin TCV 2097 (Canada)
                 CA Virgin VIC 2097
                 CA Virgin 7-91011-4
                 CD Virgin CDV 2097
                 CD Virgin 7-91011-2
                 LP Virgin 25843 XOT
                 LP Virgin VI 2097
                 LP Virgin V2097 [Festival L-36555] (Australia)
                 LP Virgin OVED 71
                 LP Virgin V6L 36555 (Australia, test pressing)

1979      Force Majeure

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Klaus Krieger (Drums)
          Edvard Meyer (Engineer & Cello)

          Recorded August/September 1979 at Hansa Studios, Berlin

          18.18  Force Majeure
           7.21  Cloudburst Flight
          14.15  Thru Metamorphic Rocks

                 CA Virgin VIC 2111
                 CA Virgin OVEDC 111
                 CD Virgin CDV 2111
                 CD Virgin 7-91012-2
                 LP Virgin V 2111
                 LP Virgin V2111 [Festival L-36641] (Australia)
                 LP Virgin 200 347-320
                 LP Virgin International/JEM VI-2111
                 LP Virgin V 2111            (Clear Vinyl with picture
                                             label of the circular
                                             devices from the cover

1979      Excerpts from Force Majeure
                 7" Virgin S 100 495

1980      Tangerine Dream 1970-1980

          Contains "Best of" tracks from albums thru "Tangram" 1 side of
          the 4 LP set contains previously unreleased solo material. 

          UK Release includes a 26 page book with a 1 page historical
          article, a 1 page album-listing & track listing of the
          included discs. The other pages are all photos of the band in
          various incarnations & on various tours.

          Disc 1
           8.20  Alpha Centauri, From Alpha Centauri
           6.30  Nebulous Dawn, From Zeit
           4.31  Wahn, From Atem
          17.33  Phaedra, From Phaedra
           2.19  Sequent C, From Phaedra

          Disc 2
          21.13  Ricochet Part II, From Ricochet
           9.58  Rubycon Part II, From Rubycon
           8.38  Stratosfear, From Stratosfear
           3.41  Betrayal, From Sorcerer

          Disc 3
           3.47  Desert Dream, From Encore
           8.16  Cherokee Lane, From Encore
           3.14  Monolight, From Encore- Re-Produced Single Version
           2.56  Search, From Sorcerer
           1.58  The Mountain Road, From Sorcerer
           2.55  Impression Of A Sorcerer, From Sorcerer
           7.20  Barryl Blue, Previously Unreleased (Froese)
           4.45  Chimes And Chains, Previously Unreleased (Franke)
           6.10  Haunted Heights, Previously Unreleased (Baumann)

          Disc 4
           7.21  Cloudburst Flight, From Force Majeure
          11.08  Madrigal Meridian, From Cyclone
           2.57  Grind, From Sorcerer
          19.47  Tangram Part I, From Tangram

                 4LP Virgin/Orriyyonte ADRL 48444 (Italy) (diff cover)
                 4LP Virgin V BOX 2

1980      Tangram

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Eduaed Meyer (Engineer)

          Recorded 1980 at Polygon Studios, Berlin

          19.47  Tangram Set 1
          20.28  Tangram Set 2

                 CA Virgin OVEDC 112         black & white tangram
                 CD Virgin CDV 2147          Avail with Blue or Red
                                             cover picture.
                 LP Virgin V 2147            very first UK Virgin
                                             pressings had the picture
                                             sleeve "Tangram mirrors",
                                             but only for a few weeks.
                 LP Virgin International/JEM  VI-2147
                 LP Virgin 202.169           (Holland, yellow vinyl, red
                                             picture label, and colored
                                             picture sleeve)
                 LP Virgin 202 169-320       (Germany, white vinyl, red
                                             picture label, B/W picture
                 LP Virgin V 2147 [Festival L-37268] (Australia)
                 LP Virgin OVED 112

1980      Tangram Part 1,2/Tangram Part 3,4
          Excerpts From "Tangram"
          (Promotional - Single, not for resale)

           2.26  Tangram, Part 1
           7.37  Tangram, Part 2

           4.45  Tangram, Part 3
           3.29  Tangram, Part 4

                 7" Virgin 696 014-000

1980      Quichotte- Live East Berlin '80

          Chris Franke (Keyboards, Electronic Instruments, Guitar)
          Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Electronic Instruments, Guitar)
          Johannes Schmoelling (Keyboards, Electronic Instruments)

          22.36  Quichotte Part 1
          23.33  Quichotte Part 2

                 1 release with red label, 1 with blue label

                 LP Amiga 8-55-891 (GDR) 
                 LP Amiga 8 55 819

           Recorded by Rundfunk der DDR, Live 01/31/1980

           Compsitions by Edgar Froese, Chris Franke
           Arrangements by Tangerine Dream

1980      Staatsgrenze West

                 Second half of the East Berlin concert

                 0.00 Lustlose Planerfuellung
                 0.00 Antifaschistischer Schutzwall

                 orange-red coloured vinyl
                 LP 08/15 Bootleg

1980      Preston Guild Hall 1980
                 Bootleg Tape Recording

1981      Choronozon/Network 23

           0.00  Choronozon
           0.00  Network 23

                 7" Virgin VS 444 (Picture Sleeve)

1981      Dr. Destructo


          4:20   Dr. Destructo
          4:17   Diamond Diary

                 12" Elektra AS-11499-A/B (White Label Promo)

1981      Exit

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Recorded June-July 1981 in Berlin

           9.18  Kiew Mission
           4.19  Pilots Of Purple Twilight
           4.07  Choronzon
           5.33  Exit
           4.55  Network 23
           8.20  Remote Viewing

                 CA Elektra 5 C5-557
                 CD Virgin CDV 2212
                 CD Elektra 557-2
                 LP Virgin VL 2229 (Canada, no poster)
                 LP Virgin V 2212 (with poster)
                 LP Virgin V2212 [CBS] (Australia)
                 LP Virgin OVED 166
                 LP Elektra 5E-557
                 LP Virgin 203 988-320

1981      Thief

          Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Electronic Equipment, Guitar)
          Christoph Franke (Synth, Electronic Equipment, Electronic
          Johannes Schmoelling (Keyboards, Electronic Equipment)
	  Craig Safan (Confrontation)

          Original soundtrack for the movie "Thief" (aka "Violent
          Streets") in 1980 at Christoph Franke's Studio, Berlin.
          Produced by Michael Mann.

           3.44  Beach Theme
           3.18  Dr. Destructo
          10.48  Diamond Diary
           3.11  Burning Bar
           6.48  Beach Scene
           4.40  Scrap Yard
           2.57  Trap Feeling
           4.45  Igneous
          *0.00  Confrontation

                 CA Virgin VL4 2213 (Canada)
                 CA Elektra 5C-552-1 
                 CD Virgin CDV 2198
                 LP Virgin V 2198
                 LP Virgin 203 472-320
          *      LP Electra 5E-521 (Extra track)
                 LP Virgin OVED 72

1981      Aken Eurogess Jan 21, 1981
          Newcastle City Hall 1981
                 Bootleg Tape Recordings

1981      Space and Spheres

                 Newcastle Hall?

                 Bootleg LP

1982      White Eagle

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Recorded & mixed January 1982 in Berlin.

          19.55  Mojave Plan
           3.52  Midnight In Tula
           9.27  Convention Of The 24
           4.30  White Eagle

                 CA Virgin VL4 2235 (Canada)
                 CD Virgin CDV 2226
                 LP Virgin V 2226 (Picture label) (W. Germany) 
                 LP Virgin 204 563-320

1982      Logos - Live at the Dominion

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Recorded Live at the Dominion Theater in London

          25.43  Logos Part 1
          19.30  Logos Part 2
           5.49  Dominion

                 CA Virgin VL4 2382 (Canada)
                 CA Virgin OVEDC 167
                 CD Virgin CDV 2257          The CD version joins Logos
                                             Parts 1 & 2.
                 LP Virgin V 2257
                 LP Virgin 205 230-320 (Germany)
                 LP Virgin OVED 167

1982      Die Melodie aus dem gleichnamigen TATORT

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Original music from the German television detective series
          "Tatort" a re-worked version of "White Eagle"

           3.50  Das Madchen Auf Der Treppe (The girl on the stair)
           2.28  Flock
           3.01  Katja
           2.37  Speed

                 12" Virgin 600 651-213

1982      Melbourne Feb 2, 1982
          Brussel Nov 1982
                 Bootleg Tape Recordings

1982      Madchen auf der Treppe/ Katja

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Original music from the German television detective series
          "Tatort" a re-worked version of "White Eagle"

           3.50  Das Madchen Auf Der Treppe (The girl on the stair)
           3.01  Katja

                 7" Virgin S 104-405-100

1983      Hyperborea

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Recorded August 1983 in Berlin

           9.03  No Mans Land
           8.31  Hyperborea
           3.54  Cinnamon Road
          20.01  Sphinx Lightning

                 CA Virgin VL4 2383
                 CD Virgin CDV 2292
                 LP Virgin 205-801 (Holland, picture label)
                 LP Virgin V 2292 (picture label)

1983      Wavelength

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Original soundtrack to the motion picture recorded in Berlin. 
          Many tracks are remixed excerpts from earlier albums or live

           0.17  Alien Voices
           1.55  Wavelength Main Title
           2.02  Desert Drive
           4.01  Mojave End Title
           2.24  Healing
           1.12  Breakout
           1.50  Alien Goodbyes
           2.24  Spaceship
           3.45  Church Theme
           3.26  Sunset Drive
           3.12  Airshaft
           2.56  Alley Walk
           2.19  Cyro Lab
           1.30  Running Through The Hills
           1.24  Campfire Theme
           3.35  Mojave End Title Reprise

                 CA Varese Sarabande VSC-81207 (Canada)
                 CD Varese Sarabande VCD 47223
                 LP Varese Sarabande STV 81207

1983      Cinnamon Road/Hyperborea

                 7" Virgin 106 018 (Silver Label)

1983      Risky Business

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Original soundtrack to the motion picture.

           3.14  Old Time Rock And Roll, Bob Seger
           3.41  Dream Is Always The Same
           1.50  No Future (Get Off The Babysitter)
           4.18  Guido The Killer Pimp
           3.51  Lana
           4.01  Mannish Boy (I'm A Man), Muddy Waters
           5.42  Pump, Jeff Beck
           5.04  D.M.S.R., Prince
           4.20  After The Fall, Journey
           5.26  In The Air Tonight, Phil Collins
           3.59  Love On A Real Train (Risky Business)

                 CD Virgin CD CDV 2302
                 LP Virgin/Geffen V 2302
                 LP Virgin 206 098
                 LP Virgin ???? (promo set)

1983      Daydream/Moorland
          From the Movie "Tatort - Miriam"
           4:40  Daydream
           3:50  Moorland

                 7" Virgin 105 271-100 (Picture Sleeve)
                 7" Virgin S 105 271-100 (Silver Label)

           By Froese/Frank/Schmoelling

1983      Tokyo Jun 23, 1983
                 Bootleg Tape Recording

1984      Poland

          Edgar Froese (Yamaha DX 7, Yamaha YP 30, Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8,
                 Prophet 5, PPG Wave 2.2, PE Polyrhythmic Sequencer, EEH
                 CM 4 Digital Sequencer, DMX Oberheim Digital Drums, PE
                 Custom Trigger Selector, Publison DHM 89 B2, Publison
                 KB 2000, Korg SDD 300 Delay, Roland SDE MIDI/DCB
                 Interfaces, Quantec Room Simulator, Canproduct Mixer)
          Christoph Franke (Prophet 5, Prophet 600, Prophet 1, E-MU
                 Emulator, E-MU Custom Programmable Synth, Moog Custom
                 Programmable Modular Synth, MTI Synergy, PE
                 Polyrhythmic Sequencer, Compulab Digital Drum Computer,
                 Simmons Drum Modules, Quantec Room Simulator, Roland
                 SDE 3000, Hill Multi-Mixer)
          Johannes Schmoelling (Jupiter 8, PPG Wave 2.3 Waveterm, EEH CM
                 4 Digital Sequencer, Bohm Digital Drums, Roland TR 808
                 Drums, Mini Moog, Korg Monopoly, Roland SDE 3000 Delay,
                 Canproduct Mixer, MXR 01 Digital Reverb, MXR Digital
                 Delay, BOSS Overdrive/Flanger)

          Recorded live during the Warsaw concert December 10, 1983

          22.29  Poland
          19.59  Tangent
           4:01  Rare Bird (Not in track listings)
          18.00  Barbakane
          21.07  Horizon

                 CA Jive Electro HIPC 22
                 CA Relativity  EMCT-8045 
                 2LP Jive Electro HIP 22
                 2LP Tonpress SX-T 64/65
                 2CD Relativity 88561-8045-2
                 2LP Jive Electro HIPX 22 (Picture disks)
                 LP Holland/CNR Records 573.003/4 (Single cover, 2 LPs)
                 2LP Jive Electro 6.28638 (W. Germany)

1984      Extracts from Poland: The Warsaw Concert

          22.27  Poland
          13.53  Barbakane
          20.52  Horizon

                 CD Jive Electro CHIP 22
                 CD Jive Electro 8.26099 ZP

1984      Warsaw In The Sun

          Recorded live December 10 1983 at Warsaw, see Poland for

           8.01  Warsaw In The Sun Parts 1 & 2
           5.58  Polish Dance
           4.01  Rare Bird

                 12" Jive Elektro T74 
                 12" Jive Electro 6.20382 AE (Orange)
                 12" Jive Electro T74 (Picture Sleeve)
                 12" Carrere HIP 22 (France) (diff cover)

1984      Warsaw In The Sun/Polish Dance

           3.57  Warsaw In The Sun
           5.58  Polish Dance

                 7" UK Jive 74 (world map label)
                 7" UK Jive Electro P74 (Poland-shaped)
                 7" WG Jive 6.14254 AC (world map label)
                 7" WG Jive 6.14254 AC (blue label)
                 7" PO Tonpress S-575 (Black Label)
                 7" PO Tonpress S-575 (Black Label, misprint) 

          German Single-Version

           3.53  Warsaw In The Sun
           4.20  Polish Dance

                 7" Jive LC 7925 (Germany) (Blue Label)
1984      Firestarter

          Edgar Froese
	  Chris Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Original soundtrack to the motion picture recorded in West

           3.07  Crystal Voice
           4.50  The Run
           4.00  Testlab
           3.51  Charly The Kid
           5.10  Escaping Point
           2.31  Rainbirds Move
           4.17  Burning Force
           2.26  Between Realities
           3.15  Shop Territory
           5.15  Flash Final
           2.30  Out Of The Heat

                 CD UK MCA DMCL 1899
                 CD Varese Sarabande VSD 5251
                 LP MCA MCA 6131
                 LP MCA MCA 3994
                 LP MCA MCF 3233

1984      Flashpoint

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Original soundtrack to the motion picture

           4.14  Going West
           3.36  Afternoon In The Desert
           3.36  Plane Ride
           3.15  Mystery Tracks
           2.41  Lost In The Dunes
           4.10  Highway Patrol
           3.39  Love Phantasy
           3.59  Mad Cap Story
           4.22  Dirty Crossroads
           3.54  Flashpoint, Performed by The Gems

                 CD Heavy Metal HMI XD 29
                 CA EMI 4XT-17141
                 LP MCA MCA-6131
                 LP EMI America ST-17141
                 LP EMI 1A O64 24 0238 1
                 LP Heavy Metal PD 29 (picture disk)
                 LP Heavy Metal HMI HP 29 
                 LP Heavy Metal HD 29

1985      Flashpoint

                 Going West

                 7" UK EMI 1C006-2003787 (grey label)

1984      Flashpoint/Going West

                 12" EMI 1CK 052 20 03786

1984      Rainer Werner Fassbinder Memorial Concert

          Clear vinyl. Two recordings of live pieces also found on
          Poland and Logos, but slightly different versions.

                 10" DREAMS 15228

1985      Le Parc

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Recorded January/February 1985 in Berlin, Vienna, and London
           3.40  Central Park (New York)
           5.17  Gaudi Park (Guell Garden Barcelona)
           3.23  Tiergarten (Berlin) (Animal Garden)
           4.31  Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto)
           3.26  Le Parc (L.A. Streethawk), Theme to Streethawk TV Show
           3.54  Hyde Park (London)
           5.44  Cliffs Of Sydney (Sydney)
           6.12  Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains)

                 CA Relativity EMCT-8043 
                 CD Jive Electro 8.26135
                 CD Jive WD 75215
                 CD Relativity 88561-8043-2

          LP Times:

           5:07   Bois De Boulogne (Paris) Forest of Boulogne
           3:37   Central Park (New York)
           5:10   Gaudi Park (Guell Garden Barcelona)
           4:28   Tiergarten (Berlin) (Animal Garden)
           3:07   Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto)
           2:56   Le Parc (L.A. Streethawk), Theme to Streethawk TV Show
           3:50   Hyde Park (London)
           5:20   Cliffs Of Sydney (Sydney)
           6:10   Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains)

                 LP Relativity EMC 8043
                 LP Jive Electro HIP 26 
                 LP Jive Records 656.070     (Holland, blue label with
                                             time table on cover)

1985      Dream Sequence

                 (collection/best of)

           3.42  The Dream Is Always The Same
           1.24  Phaedra (excerpt)
           3.47  Rubycon Part One (excerpt)
           8.38  Stratosfear (excerpt)
           4.08  Choronzon
           8.10  Cherokee Lane (live)
           3.57  Cinnamon Road
           9.19  Kiew Mission
          21.12  Ricochet Part Two
           7.26  Cloudburst Flight
           6.20  Force majeure (excerpt)
          19.49  Tangram Part One
           6.43  Beach Scene
           5.10  Logos Part One (A)
           5.32  Logos Part One (B)
           2.48  Logos Part Two
           5.37  Dominion
           4.32  White Eagle
           3.58  Love On A Real Train

                 2CD Virgin CDTD1
                 3LP Virgin 302 686 435

1985      Heartbreakers

          Original soundtrack to the motion picture

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

           2.30  Heartbreakers
           3.00  Footbridge To Heaven
           4.12  Twilight Painter
           3.28  Gemini
           3.23  Rain In N.Y. City
           3.00  Pastime
           3.17  The Looser
           2.25  Breathing The Night Away
           5.38  Desire
           3.10  Thorny Affair
           4.07  Daybreak

                 CD Virgin 610 467-225
                 LP Virgin 207 212-620

1985      Streethawk/Tiergarten

                 7" SP Jive 101, sanni rec (blue label)
                 7" UK Jive Electro 101 (world map label)

1985      Tiergarten/Streethawk

                 7" WG Jive 6.14176 TS (world map label, promo)

1985      Streethawk
                 Gaudi Park
                 Warsaw in the Suns Part 1
                 Warsaw in the Suns Part 2

                 12" Jive Electro T101

1985      Streethawk

           0.00  Streethawk, Radio Remix
           0.00  Streethawk, Le Parc
           0.00  Streethawk, Berlin

                 12" Relativity EMC 8044

1986      In the Beginning

          6 LP Box set that contains the albums "Electronic Meditation",
          "Alpha Centauri", "Zeit" (2 Lps), "Atem", and "Green Desert".
          It also has a 10 page book, this book consists of a Tangerine
          Dream discography thru 1985, track titles for the included
          albums, and an article by Ken Egbert from "Tone Clusters"
          magazine (November 1985) and photos. There is an Italian
          release that has different book.

                 6LP Jive Electro TANG 1 (no book)
                 6LP Relativity EMC 8066

1986      Studio Tape Berlin 15.11.82/1
                 Domostar 010

1986      Studio Tape Berlin 15.11.82/2
                 Domostar 011

1986      Hammersmith Odeon Maart 1986
          Koln Mar 3, 1986
          Toronto Maasey Hall Jun 1986
                 Bootleg Tape Recordings

1986      Legend

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling
          Jon Anderson (Vocals)
          Brian Ferry (Vocals)

          Original soundtrack to the motion picture (US release of the
          movie only)

           5.08  Is Your Love Strong Enough, performed by Brian Ferry
           2.55  Opening
           3.23  Cottage
           3.27  Unicorn Theme
           3.03  Goblins
           2.57  Fairies
           5.57  Loved By The Sun, with Jon Anderson
           3.24  Blue Room
           2.23  The Dance
           3.05  Darkness
           4.49  The Kitchen/ Unicorn Theme Reprise

                 CA MCA MCAC-6165
                 LP MCA MCA 5291
                 LP MCA MCA 6165

1986      Underwater Sunlight

          Edgar Froese (Synth, Guitar)
          Christoph Franke (Synth, Electronic Percussion)
          Paul Haslinger (Synth, Grand Piano, Guitar)
          Christian Gstettner (Computer Programming)

          Recorded April 1986 in Berlin

           8.20  Song Of The Whale Part 1
          10.53  Song Of The Whale Part 2
           5.02  Dolphin Dance
           5.32  Ride On The Ray
           4.24  Scuba Scuba
           5.52  Underwater Twilight

                 CA Jive Electro HIPC 40
                 CA Relativity EMCT-8113 
                 CD Relativity EMCD 8113
                 CD Jive Electro CHIP 40
                 CD Jive Electro 8.26377 (W. Germany)
                 CD Relativity 88561-8045-2
                 LP Relativity EMC 8113
                 LP Jive Electro HIP40
                 LP Jive/Teldec C-6.26 377   (Germany, with promo and
                 LP Jive 656.080 (Holland, blue label)

1986      Dolphin Dance

	  According to ASCAP records, Dolphin Smile is Franke, Froese.

           3.55  Dolphin Dance (actually "Ride on the Ray")
           4:55  Dolphin Smile
           8:12  Song of the Whale Part I

                 12" Relativity 088561-8120-1

1986      Pergamon - Live at the >>Palast der Republik<< GDR

          Edgar Froese (Synth, Electronic Guitar)
          Christoph Franke (Synth, Electronic Percussion)
          Johannes Schmoelling (Synth, Piano)

          Recorded live at the Palst Der Republik GDR January 31 1980 by
          the National Broadcasting System of the GDR.

          23.33  Quichotte Part I
          22.38  Quichotte Part II

                 LP Virgin VL 2381 (Canada)
                 CD Relativity (1992) 88561-1056-2
                 CD Caroline CAROLCD1
                 LP Virgin 207 684-620
                 LP Caroline Records CAROL 1333
                 CA Caroline Records CAROL MC 1333.  

1986      Timeless Space 

                 Massey Hall?

          2LP Bootleg 

1987      Tyger

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Paul Haslinger
          Jocelyn B. Smith (Vocals)
          Christian Gstettner (Sound Sampling)

           5.46  Tyger
          14.20  London
          12.22  Alchemy Of The Heart
           6.07  Smile
           4.48  21st Century Common Man Part I
           4.02  21st Century Common Man Part II

                 CD Caroline CD1341
                 CD Jive Electro CHIP 47
                 CD Jive Elektro 8.26475

          LP Tracks & Times:

           5.46  Tyger
          14.20  London
          12.22  Alchemy Of The Heart
           6.07  Smile

                 LP Jive/Teldec C-6.26-475 (Germany, promo)
                 LP Caroline Records/Mortal Records CAROL 1341
                 LP Jive Electro HIP 47
                 LP Jive Elektro 6.26478
                 CA Jive Electro HIPC 47 (Canada)
                 MC Jive Elektro 4.26475

1987      Shy People

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Paul Haslinger
          Jacquie Virgil (Vocals)
          Diamond Ross (Vocals)

          Original soundtrack to motion picture

           7.59  Shy People
           2.07  Joe's Place
           4.04  Harbor
           4.05  Nightfall
           3.05  Dancing On A White Moon
           3.49  Civilized Illusions
           3.12  Swamp Voices
           3.00  Transparent Days
           5.04  Shy People

                 CD Varese Sarabande VCD 47357
                 CD Silva Screen FILMCD 027
                 CD Edelton 2504-2  (West Germany -- white cover)
                 LP Varese Sarabande 47357

1987      Dancing on a White Moon

                 Dancing on a white moon
                 Shy People

                 7" WG Edelton EDL 25070 (red label)

1987      Collection

          Best of/collection

           6.00  Genesis, from Electronic Meditation
           5.48  Circulation Of Events, From Atem
          10.39  Fauni-Gena, From Atem
          22.07  Alpha Centauri, From Alpha Centauri
          19.47  Birth Of Liquid Plejades, From Zeit
           5.06  White Clouds, From Green Desert

                 CD Castle Communication CCSCD 161

1987      Collection

           6.00  Genesis, from Electronic Meditation
           5.49  Circulation of Events, from Atem
          10.43  Fauni-Gena, from Atem
          22.00  Alpha Centauri, from Alpha Centauri
          13:05  Fly And Collision Of Comas Sola, from Alpha Centauri
          13:25  Journey Through A Burning Brain, from Electronic
          20:00  Birth of Liquid Plejades, from Zeit
                 White Clouds, from Green Desert

          2LP Castle Communications CCSLP 161
          CA UK Castle Communications CCSMC 161

1987      Near Dark

          Chris Franke, Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger 

          Original soundtrack to motion picture

           3.10  Caleb's Blues
           4.56  Pick Up At High Noon
           2.56  Rain In The Third House
           8.38  Bus Station (Includes Mae's Theme)
           2.35  Goodtimes
           7.20  She's My Sister (Resurrection I)
           2.00  Mae Comes Back
           2.55  Father And Son (Resurrection II)
           2.45  Severin Dies
           4.40  Fight At Dawn
           4.20  Mae's Transformation

                 CD Silva Screen FILMCD 026
                 CD Varese Sarabande VCD 47309
                 LP Varese Sarabande STV 81345
                 LP Silva Screen 026

1987      Three O'Clock High

          Artist List Not Available

          (1) ? Chris Franke, Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger ?

          Songs not performed by TD are performed by:

          (2)    Sylvester Levay
          (3)    Jim Walker
          (4)    Rick Moratta & David Tickle

          Original soundtrack to motion picture

          0.35  It's Jerry's Day Today                            (1)
          0.47  46-32-15                                          (1)
          0.55  No Detention                                      (1)
          0.25  Any School Bully Will Do                          (1)
          3.03  Go To The Head Of The Class                       (1)
          0.50  Sit                                               (2)
          2.40  Fight                                             (2)
          3.25  Jerry's Decisions                                 (2)
          3.35  Fight Is On                                       (2)
          1.18  Paper                                             (2)
          1.50  Big Brass Knuckles                                (1)
          1.30  Buying Paper Like It' Going Out Of Style          (1)
          0.53  Dangerous Trend                                   (1)
          0.55  Who's Chasing Who?                                (1)
          1.30  Bonding By Candlelight                            (1)
          2.10  You'll Never Believe It                           (1)
          1.05  Starting The Day Off Right                        (1)
          1.55  Weak At The Knees                                 (1)
          1.00  Kill Him (The Football Dummy)                     (1)
          0.40  Not So Quiet In The Library/Get Lost in a Crowd   (1)
          6.00  Something To Remember Me By                       (3)
          2.00  Arrival                                           (4)

                 CA Varese Sarabande CTV-81339 
                 CD Varese Sarabande VCD 47307
                 LP Varese Sarabande STV 47307

1987      A Time For Heroes

          Artist List Not Available

          ? Chris Franke, Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger ?

          Theme music for the 1987 international summer special olympics

          4.52   A Time For Heros, Meatloaf & Brian May
          4.10   A Time For Heros, Single Instrumental (Tangerine Dream)

                 12" Orpheum Records ORP-012387

          4.52   A Time For Heros, Meatloaf & Brian May
          4.10   A Time For Heros, Single Instrumental (Tangerine Dream)
          6.30   A Time For Heros, Extended Version Instrumental
                 (Tangerine Dream)

                 CDS Orpheum ORP-060187-D

1987      Tyger

          See the album Tyger for more information

           4.24  Tyger
           4.02  21st Century Common Man Part II

                 7" NE Jive Electro 145.326 (blue label)
                 7" UK Jive Electro 143 (world Map Label)
                 7" GE Jive Electro 6.14856 AC (world Map Label, promo)
                 7" GE Jive Electro 6.14856 AC (world Map Label)

1987      Tyger

          See the album Tyger for more information

           4.27  Tyger, 7" Version
           4.02  21st Century Common Man, Part Two
           5.44  Tyger

                 12" Jive Elektro 6.20791
                 12" Jive Electro T143

1987      Tyger

          See the album Tyger for more information

                 The Tyger
                 21st Century Common Man Parts I and II

                 LP Jive 20781 (UK) 

1987      Studio Tape Frankfurt 30.01.81
                 Domostar 013

1988      Livemiles

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Paul Haslinger

          Part 1 recorded live during the North American tour June/July
          1986, remixed January 1988

          Part 2 recorded live during the 750th Anniversary of the city
          of West-Berlin in August 1987 remixed January 1988

          Some of the discs are indexed on 2 tracks, some have seperate
          track timings as follows:

          29.52  Albuquerque Concert
          27.13  West: Berlin Concert

                 LP Jive Electro HIP 62 
                 CA Jive Electro HIPC-62 (Canada)
                 CA Caroline Records MC-1349 
                 CD Caroline CD 1349
                 CD Jive Records CHIP 62
                 CD Jive Electro CHIP 32
                 CD Jive CD 100,160
                 CD Jive Electro 8.26825 (W. Germany)

1988      Platz der Republik August 8, 1987 
                 Bootleg Tape Recording

1988      Optical Race

          Edgar Froese
          Paul Haslinger
          Ralf Wadephul (on "Sun Gate")

          Recorded April/May 1988 in Berlin/Vienna

           8.17  Marakesh
           4.04  Atlas Eyes
           5.13  Mothers Of Rain
           4.28  Twin Soul Tribe
           3.13  Optical Race
           5.35  Cat Scan
           4.44  Sun Gate
           6.11  Turning Off The Wheel
           6.54  The Midnight Trail
           5.00  Ghazal (Love Song)

                 CA Private Music 2042-4-P 
                 CD Private Music 2042-2-P
                 CD Private Music 259 557
                 LP Private Music 2042-1-P

1988      Marakesh

           3.30  Marakesh, edit

                 CD Private Music 2042-2-PP  (Promo only)

1988      Optical Race

           3.13  Optical Race
           5.13  Mothers Of Rain
           4.44  Sun Gate
           5.00  Ghazal (Love Song)

                 CD Private Music 662 083    (Promo only)

1988      Optical Race

          From the Album _Optical Race_

          4:00   Cat Scan (Radio Edit)
          3:52   Ghazal (Radio Edit)
          3:13   Optical Race (Album version)

                 CD Private Music 2042-2-PP2

1988      Berlin 1980
          Stratsgrenze West Concert
          Columbus, Ohio Theatre - August 29, 1988 
                 Bootleg Tape Recording

1988      House of the Rising Sun
                 Flexi Single Reflex Magazine

1989      Miracle Mile

          Edgar Froese
          Paul Haslinger

          Original soundtrack to motion picture

           3.39  Teetering Scales
           3.04  One For The Books
           5.11  After The Call
           3.00  On The Spur Of The Moment
           3.24  All Of A Dither
           3.14  Final Statement
           3.15  In Julie's Eyes
           3.30  Running Out Of Time
           4.34  If It's All Over
           5.10  People In The News
           3.12  Museum Walk

                 CA Private Music 2047-4-P 
                 CD Private Music 2047-2-P
                 LP Private Music 2047-1-P

1989      Lily On the Beach

          Edgar Froese (Keyboards, all Lead Guitars, Drums)
          Paul Haslinger (Keyboards, all Rhythm Guitars, Stick, Drums)
          Jerome Froese (Lead Guitar on "Radio City")
          Hubert Waldner (Soprano Sax, Flute)

          Recorded July/August 1989 in Vienna and Berlin

           3.51  Too Hot For My Chinchilla
           4.16  Lily On The Beach
           3.33  Alaskan Summer
           3.47  Desert Drive
           4.26  Mount Shasta
           4.57  Crystal Curfew
           3.45  Paradise Cove
           3.19  Twenty-Nine Palms
           5.05  Valley Of The Kings
           4.04  Radio City
           4.12  Blue Mango Cafe
           3.33  Gecko
           7.11  Long Island Sunset

          CD Private Music 260 103
          CD Private Music 2057-2-P
          LP Private Music 2057-1-P
          CA Private Music 2057-4-P

1989      The Best of Tangerine Dream!

            3.57 Central Park (New-York) [Le Parc]
            5.45 Tyger [Tyger]
            6.12 Livemiles (part II, extract) [The West-Berlin Concert]
            5.04 Dolphin Dance [Underwater Sunlight]
           18.45 Song of the Whale [Underwater Sunlight]
            3.21 Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk) [Le Parc]
            6.12 Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains) [Le Parc]
           11.02 Poland (extract) [Poland]
            7.07 Astral Voyager [Green Desert]
            4.28 Wahn [Atem]
           *0.00 Sunrise in the third system [Alpha Centauri]
           *0.00 Ashes to ashes [Electronic Meditation]
           *0.00 Zeit (extract) [Zeit]
          CD Jive CHIP 75
          2LP Jive HIP 75 (* LP only tracks)

1989      Destination Berlin

          Edgar Froese
          Paul Haslinger

          Original soundtrack to motion picture, specifically composed
          and performed for the "Imagine 360" system and it's world
          premier in the city of West Berlin.

          Recorded and mixed in West Berlin

           4.50  Alexander Square (LP-Version)
           2.10  Emperor's Castle
           5.00  Hitchhiker's Point
           3.25  Brandenburg Gate
           3.16  Wall-Street
           3.25  Peacock Island
           4.40  Down The Avus
           4.25  Midnight in Bear City
           4.17  Berlin Summer Nights
           2.00  Alexander Square (reprise)

                 CD Hansa/BMG Ariola 260 440
                 LP Hansa/BMG Ariola 210 440
                 CA Hansa/BMG Ariola 410 440

1989      Alexander Square

                 Alexander Square
                 Berlin Summer Nights

                 7" WG Hansa/BMG Ariola 112892 (silver label)
                 7" WG Hansa/BMG Ariola 112892 (silver label,
                                             "Univerkwufliches Muster")
                 7" WG Hansa/BMG Ariola 112892 (silver label, promo
                 7" WG Hansa/BMG Ariola 112892 (silver label, autograph)
                 7" WG Hansa/BMG Ariola 112892 (silver label)

1989      Alexandre Square

           6.13  Alexandre Square
           4.17  Berlin Summer Nights
           4.50  Alexandre Square (LP version)

                 12" Hansa/BMG Ariola 612 892
                 CD5 Hansa/BMG Ariola 662 892

1989      Catch Me if you can

          Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

          Edgar Froese
          Paul Haslinger

          Music Composed and Performed by : Tangerine Dream
          Music Editor  : Barbara Pokras
          Composers     : Edgar Froese and Paul Haslinger
          Published by  : Tadream Music and Sterling Movie Music
                          Publishing (ASCAP)
          Producer      : Joachim Hansch

          4.42  Dylan's Future
          2.07  Sad Melissa
          1.28  Fast Eddie's Car
          2.15  Back To The Race
          1.14  Melissa Asks Dylan Out
          3.32  Dylan Alone At Home
          1.01  Melissa Needs Help
          0.59  The Kiss
          3.40  Racing Montage
          2.13  The Clock Is Ticking
          1.41  Widow Maker
          1.25  Dylan's Dream
          1.27  Taking The Test
          2.28  Back To The Race Again
          2.25  One More Chance
          1.25  Melissa's Challenge
          2.43  Widow Maker Race
          4.17  Dylan's Triumph
          1.45  Catch Me If You Can - Main Theme

                CD-Issue 1994 CD Cinerama CIN 2213-2 (Germany)
                (A Product of EDEL Company)
                Produced by MCEG Production Inc.

1990      70/90

          Bootleg release, 400 issued. There are 20 different covers
          with runs of 20 pieces for each cover.

          2:51   This Park is Mine (End Theme)
          1:53   The keep (Mid Theme)
          2:20   Keep (End Theme)
          2:42   Red Nights (End Theme Parts 1&2)
          4:43   Nightmare City/City of Shadows ("Brother or Stranger"
                                             vocal Suzanne Pawlitzki)
          1:48   The Soldier (Opening Theme)
          5:57   A Time For Heros
          3:47   Das Madchen Auf Der Treppe
          4:25   Daydream
          3:56   Moorland
          2:22   Death Bite/Spasms (serpents theme)
          3:09   Ultima Thule (part 1)
          4:54   Dolphin Smile
          3:07   Flock
          2:56   Risky Business (untitled)
          5:53   Haunted Heights
          3:21   Chimes & Chains
          7:05   Barryl Blue
          0:19   Untitled Idol

                 CD JA Digital Matrix DM-1108

1990      Melrose

          Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Lead-guitar, Rhythm-Guitar)
          Paul Haslinger (Keyboards)
          Jerome Froese (Keyboards, Lead-guitar)

          Hubert Waldner (Sax on 'Melrose')

          Recorded in June and July 1990 in Berlin and Vienna

           5:44  Melrose
           5:58  Three Bikes in the Sky
           5:10  Dolls in the Shadow
           5:16  Yucatan
           8:13  Electric Lion
           6:43  Rolling Down Cahuenga
           5:30  Art of Vision
          10:17  Desert Train
           6:09  Cool at Heart

                 LP UK Private Music 211 105
                 CD Private Music 261 105-2
                 CD US Private Music 2078-2-P
                 CA US Private Music 2078-4-P

1990      Tangerine Dream Box

          Contains Phaedra, Rubycon and Ricochet as Picture disc CDs,
          the catalogue numbers are changed on the discs themselves,
          otherwise, they are identical to the previous CD issues.

                 3CD TPAK 11 Virgin PM539 354 031

1990      Dead Solid Perfect

          Liner notes say "Music by Tangerine Dream" - no specific
          Original soundtrack to the 1989 HBO television movie.

          3.19   Theme from "Dead Solid Perfect"
          1.15   In the Pond
          0.59   Beverly Leaves
          2.12   Of Cads and Caddies
          2.37   Tournament Montage
          2.13   A Whore in One
          1.21   Sand Trap
          0.42   In the Rough
          1.38   Nine Iron
          1.38   U.S. Open
          2.31   "My Name Is Bad Hair"
          0.36   In the Hospital Room
          1.32   Welcome to Bushwood/Golfus Interruptus
          1.30   Deja Vu (I've Heard this Before!)
          1.20   Birdie
          1.17   Divot
          1.40   Kenny and Donny Montage
          0.32   Off to See Beverly
          1.17   Phone to Beverly
          2.42   "Nice Shots"
          2.04   Sinking Putts
          1.06   Kenny's Winning Shot

          CD FR Silva Screen FILMCD 079
          CD FR Silva Screen SIL 5079.2

1991      The Man Inside

          Original soundtrack for the movie `The Man Inside'
          All tracks composed and played by Edgar Froese and Paul

          1.36   Wallraff's Theme
          3.58   Tendency of Love
          4.35   Addicted to the Truth
          4.10   World of the "Standard"
          4.30   Purposes of Brevity
          4.22   Tobel's Death by the River
          3.17   Taboo Society
          4.40   The Drive to Hanover
          3.45   Correlation of Lies
          4.16   Investigation
          4.45   News and Morality

                 CD EMI France 7956172
                 CD EMI - PM 520

1991      I Just Want To Rule My Own Life Without You

          Edgar Froese (Keyboards)
          Chi Coltrane (Vocals)
          Jerome Froese (Keyboards)
          Linda Spa (Saxophone)

          Titelsong aus der TV-Serie TATORT "Bis zum Hals im Drek"

          Produced by Edgar Froese
          Licensed by Tangerine Dream

          4:02   I Just Want To Rule My Own Life Without You
          3:44   One Night In Medina, Instrumental
          3:30   I Just Want To Rule My Own Life Without You,

                 CD5 Polydor 879 881-2

1991      From dawn 'til dusk - Tangerine Dream - 1973-88

          8.22   Song of the Whale (Part 1 : From Dawn)
          10.55  Song of the Whale (Part 2 : To Dusk)
          5.22   Bois de Boulogne
          5.36   Ride on the Ray
          6.14   Poland
          14.23  London
          3.23   Le Parc
          6.14   Live Miles (Extract)
          3.39   Central Park
          4.36   Zeit
          4.28   Wahn

                 CD Music Collection International MCCD 034

1991      Canyon Dreams

          Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Synth, Guitar)
          Christoph Franke (Synth)
          Paul Haslinger (Keyboards, Synth)
          Jerome Froese (Keyboards on Colorado Dawn)

           5:53  Shadow Flyer
           4:17  Canyon Carver
           5:24  Water's Gift
           4:26  Canyon Voices
           4:46  Sudden Revelation
           8:53  A Matter Of Time
           2:04  Purple Nightfall
           4:26  Colorado Dawn
                 CD Miramar Productions MPCD 2801

1991      The Park is Mine

          Edgar Froese
          Christoph Franke
          Johannes Schmoelling

          Film produced 1985, soundtrack released 1991. Recorded 1986.
          Album assembled at The Music Source, Seattle, Wa. Produced
          without the co-operation of Tangerine Dream.

           1.16  "The Park Is Mine" - Main Title
           2.16  Fatal Fall/Funeral
           5.18  The Letter (Parts 1 & 2)
           8.28  Taking the Park (Parts 1 & 2)
           7.23  Swatting S.W.A.T.
           3.32  Love Theme
           4.40  Helicopter Attack
           1.20  Morning
           1.01  We're Running Out of Time
           5.22  The Claymore Mine/Stalking
           3.34  The Final Confrontation/"The Park Is Yours!"
           6.19  Finale/End Credits

                 CD Silva Screen FILMCD 080 (UK/International)
                 CD Silva Screen SIL 5080.2 (Germany/ Austria/

1992      Tyger

           5.09  Tyger                       [1]
          14.21  London
          12.01  Alchemy Of The Heart
           5.54  Smile
           4.48  21st Century Common Man Part I
           3.57  21st Century Common Man Part II
           4.56  Vigour                      [2]

          [1] This is a complete re-working of the song. 
          [2] New song for 1992 release, by Jerome Froese.

                 CD Relativity (1992) 88561-1055-2

1992      Rockoon

          Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Rhythm, Acoustic and 12-string
                 guitars, Drums, Percussion)
          Jerome Froese (Keyboards, Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic and 12-string
                 guitars, Drums, Percussion)
          Enrico Fernandez (Macubaha on "Big City Dwarves")
          Zlatko Perica (Lead Guitar on "Red Roadster", "Graffiti
                 Street", "Funky Atlanta" & "Rockoon")
          Richi Wester (Flute & Alto Sax on "Red Roadster", Alto Sax on
                 "Lifted Veil")
          All tracks composed by Edgar and Jerome Froese.

          Phillip Calvert, Jeff Robinson, David Marino (Engineer)
          Recorded 1991/1992 at Eastgate Studios (Vienna) and The Cave
           6:00  Big City Dwarves
           8:30  Red Roadster
           4:34  Touchwood
           5:04  Graffiti Street
           4:00  Funky Atlanta
           5:40  Spanish Love
           3:30  Lifted Veil
           4:45  Penguin Reference
           3:40  Body Corporate
           7:21  Rockoon
           4:44  Girls On Broadway
                 CD Virgin 262 440 (Germany)

1992      Rockoon

          Special Edition

          Composed & performed by Edgar & Jerome Froese
          Linda Spa (Alto Sax on "Oriental Haze")

          All tracks composed by Edgar and Jerome Froese.

          Phillip Calvert, Jeff Robinson, David Marino (Engineer)
          Recorded 1991/1992 at Eastgate Studios (Vienna) and The Cave
            4.16  Rockoon (Special Radio Edit)
            3.58  Oriental Haze *
           14.33  Interview **

           CD Miramar MPCD 2803

           *  Bonus Track  Not On Album
           ** Exclusive interview with founding member Edgar Froese
              Interviewer: Joanne Davenport

1992      Deadly Care

          Original Soundtrack Recording (not the edited version for the
          film, this is all of the music in full length versions as
          supplied by TD to Universal Television)

          Edgar Froese
          Christopher Franke

          4.56  "DEADLY CARE" Main Theme
          2.54  Paddles / Stolen Pills
          2.00  A Strong Drink / A Bad Morning
          1.22  Wasted And Sick
          4.01  Hope for Future
          5.42  The Hospital
          1.52  In Bed
          1.25  Annie & Father
          1.26  More Pills
          1.26  In The Head Nurse's Office / At The Father's Grave
          4.02  Clean and Sober

                CD Silva Screen FILMCD 121 (UK/International)
                CD Silva Screen SIL 5121.2 (Germany/ Austria/

1992    Dream Music, The Movie Music of Tangerine Dream

        A compilation of selections from three
        Tangerine Dream soundtracks released by Silva Screen.

        Lineup for The Park is Mine:
        Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke, Johannes Schmoelling

        Lineup for Deadly Care:
        Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke

        Lineup for Dead Solid Perfect:
        Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger

        6.09 Victory (The Park is Mine)
        5.42 The Hospital (Deadly Care)
        5.13 The Letter (The Park is Mine)
        3.19 Theme from "Dead Solid Perfect" (Dead Solid Perfect)
        8.32 Taking Central Park (The Park is Mine)
        16.06 Suite from "Dead Solid Perfect" (Dead Solid Perfect)
        4.41 The Helicopter Attack (The Park is Mine)
        4.57 Clean and Sober (Deadly Care)

        CD Silva Screen SSD 1016 (USA)

1992    The Private Music of Tangerine Dream

        A compilation of tracks which appeared on the Private Music label.
        Includes two tracks which had never been released before.

        Produced by Tangerine Dream
        All songs composed by Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger & Jerome Froese
        except * composed by Edgar Froese & Paul Haslinger
              ** composed by Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger & Ralf Wadephul
             *** composed by Edgar Froese & Jerome Froese

        All songs published by Tadream Music, administered worldwide by
        23rd Street Publishing, Inc. except + published by Euphonius Music
        Inc. (ASCAP)

        Art direction by Melanie Penny
        Design by Kurt de Munbrun
        Photography by Scott Morgan

        5.44 Melrose (from Melrose)
        3.51 Too Hot For My Chinchilla (from Lily on the Beach) *
        7.11 Long Island Sunset (from Lily on the Beach) *
        4.04 Atlas Eyes (from Optical Race) *
        4.44 Sun Gate (from Optical Race) **
        6.43 Rolling down the Cahuenga (from Melrose)
        5.58 Three Bikes in the Sky (from Melrose)
        5.11 After the Call (from Miracle Mile) * +
        8.13 Electric Lion (from Melrose)
        5.10 Dolls in the Shadow (from Melrose)
        4.15 Beaver Town ***
        5.00 Roaring of the Bliss ***

             CD Private Music 01005-82105-2 (USA)

1992    Quinoa

        Jerome Froese (Keyboards, Guitar)
        Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Guitar)

        Live at the Cave, Berlin
        The bands goodbye present to the members of the now
        defunkt Fanclub in 1992.

        Composed and played by Edgar and Jerome Froese.

        28.32  Quinoa

               CD Fan Club - Release.

1993    220 Volts Live

        Jerome Froese (Keyboards, Guitar)
        Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Guitar)
        Zlatko Perica (Guitar)
        Linda Spa (Saxophone, Keyboards)

        Produced by Edgar Froese

        All music and sounds composed by Edgar and Jerome Froese,
        except Purple Haze (+) composed by Jimi Hendrix.

        This live concert was recorded during the 1992 Tangerine Dream
        North American Tour.

        Recorded by Ed Jefro for CubCod

        6.52 Oriental Haze
        5.48 Two Bunch Palms
        9.01 220 Volt
        9.48 Homeless
        8.04 Sundance Kid
        8.49 Backstreet Hero
        4.47 The Blue Bridge
        8.30 Hamlet
        3.46 Dreamtime
        3.32 Purple Haze +
        3.41 Treasure of Innocence

        CD Miramar MPCD 2804 (USA)

1993    Dreamtime

        Jerome Froese (Keyboards, Guitar)
        Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Guitar)
        Zlatko Perica (Guitar)
        Linda Spa (Saxophone, Keyboards)
        Jayney Klimek (Vocals on Dreamtime)

        Selected Tracks from 220 Volt Live
        Produced by Edgar Froese

        Limited Edition.
        Includes the never before released vocal Version of Dreamtime.

        All music and sounds composed by Edgar and Jerome Froese,
        except *  Dreamtime (vocal) Composed by Edgar & Jerome Froese,
                  lyrics by Jayney Klimek & Julie Ocean. Julia Snyder
                  is the name credited in ASCAP database.
               ** Purple Haze (++) composed by Jimi Hendrix.

        3.40 Dreamtime (vocal) *
        3.54 The Blue Bridge
        3.37 Treasure of Innocence
        3:18 Dreamtime (instrumental)
        2:57 Purple Haze **

             CD Miramar MPCD 2805 (USA)

1994    Turn of the Tides

        Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Lead Guitar, Drumming)
        Jerome Froese (Keyboards, Drumming, Lead Guitar)
        Zlatko Perica (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar)
        Linda Spa (Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax)
        Jamie Klimek (Backing Vocals)
        Julie Ocean (Backing Vocals)
        Roland Braunstein (Trumpet)

        Christian Gstettner (Engineer)
        Lenny Bird (Engineer)

        Recorded 1993/1994 at the Eastgate Studios, Vienna, and the Galley,
        Berlin.  Mixed at Eastgate Studios, Vienna.

        All titles composed and arranged by Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese

        * Composed by Modest Mussorgsky, Orchestration by M. Ravel

        3.01  Pictures at an Exhibition *
        6.32  Firetongues
        7.47  Galley Slave's Horizon
        5.30  Death of a Nightingale
        9.45  Twilight Brigade
        6.34  Jungle Journey
        4.38  Midwinter Night
        7.40  Turn of the Tides

              CD Virgin 839454 2 (Holland)
              CD Miramar MPC 2806 (USA)

1994    Turn of the Tides

        Specially edited Selections from "Turn of the Tides"
        Special Re-Mixes from the Full Length Album "Turn of the Tides"

        4.07  Firetongues
        4.36  Midwinter Night
        3.36  Galley Slave's Horizon
        5.29  Death of a Nightingale
        5.17  Story of the Brave *

              CD5 Miramar MPCD 2807 (USA)

        * Bonus Track : Unavailable elsewhere
          Composed by Linda Spa & Edgar Froese
          Keyboards : Linda Spa & Edgar Froese
          Drums     : Edgar Froese
          Engineered by Edgar Froese
          Recorded at Eastgate Studios, Vienna

1994    Tangents  1973 to 1983  

        Tangents: A 5 CD set, spanning Tangerine Dream's Virgin years,
        featuring studio, live, soundtrack and previously unreleased

        CD1  7.44  Mojave Plan (Desert Part) (White Eagle)
             7.29  No Man's Land (Hyperborea) *
             4.57  Kiew Mission (Exit)
             7.17  Ricochet (Ricochet)
             5.31  Force Majeure (Force Majeure)
             5.56  Logos (Blue Part) (Logos) *
            10.46  Stratosfear (Stratosfear)
             7.05  Mysterious Semblance (Phaedra)
             4.14  Cinnamon Road (Hyperborea) *
             3.36  Tangram (Solution Part) (Tangram)

        CD2  4.14  White Eagle (White Eagle)
             4.51  Phaedra (Phaedra) *
             6.12  Logos (Red Part) *
             4.54  Sphinx Lightning (Hyperborea)
             4.02  Desert Dream (Encore) *
             8.51  Invisible Limits (Stratosfear)
             5.52  Exit (Exit)
             5.59  Mojave Plan (Canyon Part) (White Eagle)
             8.02  Tangram (Puzzle Part) (Tangram)
             4.52  Monolight (Encore) *
             9.30  Rubycon (The Decision) (Rubycon)

        CD3  7.13  Cloudburst Flight (Force Majeure)
             4.49  Pilots of Purple (Exit)
             5.06  Logos (Velvet Part) (Logos) *
             7.15  Monolight (Yellow Part) (Encore) *
             6.00  Tangram (Future Part) (Tangram)
             6.02  Rubycon (Dice Part) (Rubycon)
             8.37  Hyperborea (Hyperborea) *
             4.38  Force Majeure (Force Majeure)
             9.30  Rubycon (Crossing Part) (Rubycon)
             4.49  Dominion (Logos) *
             4.59  Pergamon (Piano Part) (Pergamon) *

        CD4  4.09  Going West (Flashpoint)
             3.28  The Dream is Alays... (Risky Business)
             3.07  Alien Goodbye (Wavelength)
             3.04  The Call (Sorcerer)
             4.56  The Run (Firestarter)
             4.00  Betrayal (Sorcerer)
             3.28  Rainbirds Move (Firestarter)
             5.30  Creation (Sorcerer)
             4.16  Carly the Kid (Firestarter)
             3.28  The Journey (Sorcerer)
             5.14  Scrap Yard (Thief)
             4.41  Dirty Cross Roads (Flashpoint)
             3.33  Search (Sorcerer)
             5.06  Highway Patrol (Flashpoint)
             3.10  Grind (Sorcerer)
             5.10  Risky Business (Risky Business)
             6.11  Beach Theme (Thief)

        CD5  4.42  Vulcano **
             4.01  The Jogger ***
             3.22  South Dakota **
             5.17  Coppercoast **
             3.59  Great Barrier Reef **
             3.18  The Night at Ayers Rock **
             6.54  Afternoon on the Nile **
             5.55  Crane Routing **
            12.50  Silver Scale ****
             5.35  Jamaican Monk ***

             CD Virgin CDBOX4 7243 8 39804 2 0 (UK)
        *    Re-recordings by Edgar Froese
             All other tracks re-mixed plus additional recordings by
             Edgar Froese.
        **   Composer: Froese
        ***  Composer: Froese/Schmoelling
        **** Composer: Froese/Franke

             CD4 - Soundtracks
             CD5 - Previously unreleased Material

        76 page color booklet

        Produced by Edgar Froese.
        Recording Assistant: Stephen Goerner

1995    The Dream Mixes

        Performed by Jerome Froese and Edgar Froese

        All titles composed and arranged by Jerome Froese and
        Edgar Froese.

        7.17  Little Blond in the Park of Attractions (The Thai Dub) *
        5.30  Rough Embrace +
        7.00  Touchwood (The Forest Mix) **
        6.20  Jungle Journey (Reptile Mix) ***
        6.50  Virtually Fields +
        6.18  Firetongues (The Break Freak Mix) ***
        7.17  San Rocco +
        7.49  Catwalk (Dress-up Mix) *
        7.19  Change of the Gods +
        5.31  Bride in Cold Tears (The Motown Monk Mix) *

        Total running time: 67.11

              CD Virgin Schallplatten GmbH 8 409 16 2 (Germany)
        * from the album Tyranny of Beauty
        ** from the album Rockoon
        *** from the album Turn of the Tides
        + new Recordings

        Produced by Edgar Froese

        Recorded April 1995 at Eastgate Studios, Vienna
        Mastered at Eastgate Studios using Tadream Technologies (tm)
        DQC System (tm)

        "This album energizes the famous TD sound with an infectious


1987      Canyon Dreams

          Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Synth, Guitar)
          Christoph Franke (Synth)
          Paul Haslinger (Keyboards, Synth)

          Video footage of the Grand Canyon, soundtrack by Tangerine

           7.18  Shadow Flyer
          *4.23  Canyon Carver
           9.03  A Matter Of Time
           5.31  Water's Gift
          *4.33  Canyon Voices
           7.19  Sudden Revelation

          *      These tracks appear on the Cymbiosis CD sampler.  The
                 sampler is a collector's item, only 7,500 were made.
                 Cymbiosis magazine is now defunct.

                 VHS Miramar Productions MVP8403
                 LDV Miramar Productions ID5171

          Live Coventry
                 PAL VHS Bootleg

          Berlin 1990
                 PAL VHS Bootleg

1993      Three Phase

          Live Video, directed by Tangerine Dream
          The Three Phase is the past, present and future of
          Tangerine Dream. This video explores new visual music
          territories. Searing electric guitars and melodic sax cut
          through the atmosphere of Tangerine Dream's trademark
          layered keybard sound. The visuals are a dynamic melding of
          live concert footage, alluring images and personal glimpses
          of the band's early years.

          Directed by Michael Boydstum

          Two Bunch Palms
          Dolls in the Shadow
          Treasure of Innocence
          Oriental Haze
          Graffiti Street
          Backstreet hero
          Love on a Real Train
          Purple Haze

          50 Minutes Hi-Fi Stereo
          Digitally Mastered

          VHS Video
          BMG 1993 Miramar MCPS BM 510 (PAL-Version, Germany)

Unreleased Soundtracks:

          The Exorzist
          Burning Point Brooklin (?)
          Body Body
          Das Verbotene Spiel (means "the prohibited [tabu?] game")
          Dead Kids
          Ein fuer Allemal  (means "one for all")
          Forbidden (stars Jacqueline Bissett)
          The Fury (?)
          Future War 198X
          Geradeus bis zum Morgen  (means "straight ahead until
          Heisser Schnee (means "hot snow") 
          Identification of a Woman
          The Keep  (released on Promo 2 MusiCassettes. Only 25 Copies)
          Mechanic Thunder (?)
          Nightmare City
          Oedipus Tyranius (Recorded June 1974, not released. Source of
                 the Overture track on "V")
          Red Heat 
          Red Nights (1988)
          The Soldier (also known as Codename Soldier)
          Strange Behavior (1981)
          Vegetable People Soundtrack (?)
          Vision Quest - Tangerine Dream music is in the movie but not
                 on the soundtrack.
          Rumpelstiltskin (some CD's have been released)

Otherwise unreleased or edited Tangerine Dream material appears
on the following compilations:

1971      Ossiach Live

          8.10  Oszillator Planet Concert

          Written by Edgar Froese
          BASF 492119-3 (Austria)
          CD Reissue: 2CD Four Aces Records FAR 010/1-2 (Italy)
                      (1995 ?)

1972      Kosmische Musik (Sampler)  (Cosmic Music)
          Sampler by the German "OHR"-Lable.
          Songs included by: Popul Vuh, Ash Ra Tempel,
          Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.
          (includes unreleased songs from Schulze and Ash Ra Tempel)
           6.00  Geburt (from "Electronic Meditation") *
           4.20  Sunrise in the Fhird System (from "Alpha Centauri") **
          10.01  Origin of Supernatural Probabilities (from "Zeit") *

           * Composed by: Edgar Froese
           ** Composed by: Tangerine Dream

                 DLP Ohr OMM 2/56027 (Germany)

1975      V                Virgin VD2502        11.04  Overture

1985      Disc Drive       Jive Electro HOP212  Streethawk Single

1988      Cymbiosis V2#1   Cypress YD0121       Canyon Voices & Canyon
                                                Carver from Canyon
                                                Dreams Video

1983      "Wolkenreise - Zwischen Traum und Phantasie" (A trip in the
                           Journey of Clouds - between dream and fantasy)

                           Ariola Eurodisc, LP 205 600-502
                                                "Daydream" (4:36) and
                                                "Das Maedchen auf der
                                                Treppe" (3:50) 

1986      Schimanskis Tatort Hits

          A collection from the German Television Series "Tatort".
          Songs included by: Klaus Lage Band, Thilo von Western-
          hagen, Spliff, Marius Mueller-Westernhagen, David Knopfler,
          Toni Miccoli, MArk Spiro, Panarama and Tangerine Dream.

          0.00  Daydream (from Tatort "Miriam") *
          0.00  Das Maedchen auf der Treppe (from Tatort "Das Maedchen
                auf der Treppe") **
          0.00  Moorland (from Tatort "Miriam") ***

          *   Track  8, 1983, Froese/Schmoelling/Franke
          **  Track  9, 1982, dto.
          *** Track 16, 1983, dto. 

              LP CBS 24070 (Germany)

1989      'Electronische Muziek 1989 KLEM, KLEM CD1

          song 9: 
          Tangerine Dream - 'Lost Tale'    3:27
          composed, played, mixed and engineered by Edgar Froese and
          Paul Haslinger.
          Recorded: May 1988, Los Angeles.

Tangerine Dream Artists (in order of joining band)

1967 - present   Edgar Froese (guitars)
1967 - 1969      Volker Hombach (flute/violin)
1967 - 1969      Kurt Herkenberg
1967 - 1968      Lanse Hapshash (drums)
1967 - 196?      Charlie Prince
1968 - 1969      Sven-Ake Johannson
March 1969       A Liverpool drummer named Paul
March 1969       A Dutch bass player 
1969 - 1970      Klaus Schulze
1969 - 1970      Conrad Schnitzler
1971 - 1988      Christoph Franke
1971 - 1972      Steve Schroeder (guest musician on Zeit in 1972)
1972             Florian Fricke (guest musician on Zeit)
1972 - 1977      Peter Baumann
1975             Michael Hoenig (Replaced Baumann for Australia tour)
1978             Steve Jolliffe
1978 - 1979      Klaus Krieger
1980 - 1986      Johannes Schmoelling
1985 - present   Paul Haslinger
1987             Jocelyn Bernadette Smith (Vocals on Tyger)
1987             Jacquie Virgil (Vocals on Shy People)
1987             Diamond Ross (Vocals on Shy People)
1988 - 1988      Ralf Wadephul
1989 - present   Jerome Froese

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