Date: Wed, 3 Aug 1994 23:25:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Gearhead Alert!  TD Equip 82

    Okay folks, I happened to come across an E&MM article from 1982 that
lists the equipment that TD had on tour with them:  Enjoy!

PPG 1 Computer
PPG Wave 2 Synthesiser
ARP Pro-DGX Synthesiser
Korg Polyphonic Ensemble
Custom Sequencer (built by Helmut Grothe)
Ibanez UE-400 Multi-Effects
MXR Digital Delay
Boss Volume Pedal
Conn Strobo Tuner
Soundcraft Series 1s 20 into 4 mixer
PPG 5 octave Keyboard controller
Gibson guitar

Minimoog Synthesiser 
Elka Rhapsody
Prophet 5
Arp Oddessy
Projekt Elektronik VcEnv x2
PPG VCF HIgh/Low Band x2
Digital Sequencer and Trigger Selector with programmer
Synth Sound Bank fro above
Roland SPV/355
Moog 960 Sequential Controller
Proj Elek. Sequence COntroller
Moog VCF Random trigger and Reset System for 960
Moog 3 band Parametric
Moog 12 stage phaser
Tape interface
Moog 920 Programmer
Moog 16 Channel Vocoder
Klark Technik DN27 Graphic EQ
Philips 3207 Dual Trace Oscilloscope
Rhythm Robot Sequencer
Boss KM-60 6 into 2 mixer
Roland SRE-555 Chrous Echo
Klark Technik DN36 Time Processor

Oberheim OB-X
MXR Digital Delay
Korg Tuner
Boss KM-60 6 into 2 mixer
Custome sequencer (like Edgar's)

(I left off some of the non-technical stuff like power supplies)

Now, could someome tell me what all of this stuff does?

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