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Last Update:  May 2, 1992

Like most successful rock acts, Tangerine Dream has
been given the dubious honour of being  bootlegged.
For  Freshman collectors,  this means that  illegal
recordings of the band's live concerts are sold  on
illegally pressed LP's.  Many of these bootleg  LPs
have become collector's items over the  years.  Not
only  do  the fans appreciate  the  availablity  of
these recordings, but each bootleg also has a story
to tell.

To  speak in the words of the  bootleg  bible,  the
"Hat Wacks" book :  "A destinction had best be made
at   this  point  between   bootleg,   pirate   and
counterfeit   records.   A  bootleg   consists   of
unreleased  material recorded at  concerts,  studio
outtakes  and  radio or  TV  broadcasts.  A  pirate
album   consists  of  released   material   without
attempting to make the LP look like an original.  A
counterfeit   album   is  an  exact  copy   of   an
officially released album."

It should be pointed out that some of the  informa-
tions I give here are contradictory to those on the
bootleg covers,  but in all cases I have found good
evidence  to  do so.  In general :  never  trust  a
bootleg cover...

Technical progress has opened the field of  Compact
Disk releases to bootleggers,  too.  This is rather
new,  so  unless  clearly  marked as  CDs  all  the
titles  mentioned here have only been available  on

In  March  and April of 1977,  TD took  the  United
States by storm with a very successful tour. At the
same time they caught the attention of the American
bootleggers.  An  excerpt  of one of  the  concerts
(maybe  it's  really Seattle April 21st)  was  made
available  on  LP and sold in neutral  covers  with
three  different,  photocopied inlay sheets bearing
the titles "Fotzenslecker",  "Netz-Lautstaerke" and
"Babylon's  Strange".  Some  of them  have  printed
labels,  but on most pressings the printing is  too
faded  to be readable.  Each edition seems to  have
been  very limited,  judged by the fact  that  they
are  all considered very rare these  days.  A  very
small number was pressed on multicoloured vinyl.

Three years later, after a year of negotiations, TD
became  the first western rock/pop band to play  in
East Berlin,  the capital of the German  Democratic
Republic.  They  performed two shows at the  Palast
der Republik on January 31st, 1980. Both shows were
broadcast  on East Berlin radio.  One part of  this
broadcast was officially released by East Germany's
record  label 'Amiga' as 'Quichotte Part I and  II'
in 1980. Six years later a slightly remixed version
was   made  available  world-wide  as    Pergamon'.
Another  part  of the broadcast was  picked  up  by
bootleggers   in  West  Berlin  and   released   as
"Staatsgrenze West".

By  now,  this  record  has been  sighted  in  four
slightly  different  versions.   Several   thousand
copies  were  pressed on  black  vinyl,  a  limited
number  of  1000 came on pink vinyl,  both  with  a
printed black and white cover. After running out of
pink vinyl at the pressing factory, the last few of
these  1000  copies were  pressed  on  transparent,
dark-red vinyl. Apparently the producers ran out of
printed covers,  too, as some copies have been sold
with a photocopied inlay sheet.

In  1988,  another record appeared on  the  market,
which is not really a bootleg,  but a counterfeit :
an  illigal re-release of an  officially  available
record.  The East German 'Amiga'-record ('Quichotte
Part  I+II'  )  was re-released in  a  few  hundred

copies on black and transparent,  dark-red vinyl in
Germany.  The  pressing quality is lousy,  and  the
record is only interesting for it's  big,  foldout-
poster-cover,  showing  a black and white photo  of
the  band  in East Berlin.  Some copies  include  a
sticker  with the title "Don Quixotte".  Copies  on
multicoloured  vinyl were announced,  but have  not
yet been spotted.

Before  leaving  for their tour of  Japan  in  June
1983,  TD  played  a memorial  concert  for  Rainer
Werner Fassbinder on June 11.  at the Alte Oper  in
Frankfurt.  A prolific director,  writer and actor,
Fassbinder  had been one of the most  controversial
German filmmakers.  The concert in Frankfurt's  old
Opera House lasted only about 35 minutes,  and most
of  the material was pressed on  a  10-inch,  clear
vinyl  bootleg with the label 'Dreams-  Synthesizer
Special'.  The record came in a clear  plastic  bag
with  a  blue   inlay  sheet  "Fassbinder  Memorial

As  the first edition of a few hundred copies  sold
quickly,  another 2000 were pressed in 1984, making
this the most common of all TD-bootlegs, especially
appreciated  for  it's  excellent  sound   quality.
Several  hundred copies were later destroyed  in  a
Police bust.

TD  toured Australia for the second time  in  early
1982,  appearing  as  the main act of  a  Festival.
Their  performance  at Sydney's Regent  Theatre  on
February  22nd was broadcast on  Australian  radio,
and an excellent tape of the show circulated  among
collectors.  For  unknown reasons,  several  people
labeled the tape as "Melbourne  24.2.82",  although
the Melbourne concert was on March 1st.  With  this
erroneous  title,  the tape fell into the hands  of
German  bootleggers,  and  "Leprous  Appearance  on
Wednesday"  was  born in 1984.  It  has  a  neutral
cover,  and the green photocopied inlay sheet shows
invented titles for the featured tracks.  Only  200
copies  exist,  half of them numbered from  one  to
100, the rest unnumbered.

1986  turned out to be the most active year of  the
illegal contributors to the Tangerine Dream  disco-
graphy,  as  none less than eight bootleg  releases
until the middle of 1987 made a heavy attack on the
fan's finances.

"The  Emerald  Beyond",  labeled as  an  Australian
production but apparently from Germany, features an
excellent  recording of TD's encores  at  Detroit's
Ford Auditorium on March 31st,  1977.  The  frantic
crowd in the 'Capital of Heavy Metal' had driven TD
to  an  almost unique performance of  'Heavy  Metal
Electronics'.  Only 75 copies exist,  25 of them on
red vinyl, the rest on the ordinary black, all with
a black and white printed cover.

Just  four of them were sold in 1986  at  extremely
high  prices,  as during a campaign of  the  German
Phonographic  industry against the bootleggers  all
the rest had been confiscated in a police bust.  In
1987,  they  were  returned  to  the  producer  and
appeared on the market.

Early  1992 saw a re-release of this record on  the
CD format under the misleading title Acoustic LSD -
Live in Seattle,  USA "The Emerlad Beyond", stating
an edition of 500 copies.

A series of three bootlegs was issued within a  few
months time, featuring material from TD's tours of
Great Britain in the early eighties. All three have
printed black and white covers,  are on black vinyl
and  claim  to be limited editions  of  150  copies

The  first  40 minutes of TD's concert  at  Preston
Guildhall,  November 5th, 1980 are on "Undulation",
while "Space and Spheres" has the beginning of  the
Newcastle City Hall concert on October 25th,  1981.
Another 20 minutes of each of these concerts are on
the "Space Trucking"-album.  A limited edition of 5
numbered copies of "Undulation" has popped up  with
a colour front inlay.

CD  bootlegges  put  out  "Undulation"  in  digital
format in 1992. The title of the 500-copies-edition
was Soundtrack for Fantasy,  Live in  Detroit,  USA

TD  hadn't done any tours in Western Europe or  the
United States between 1982 and 1986,  so the major-
ity  of  bootlegs  released  was  based  on   older
material.This  changed  with  the  tour  of   Great
Britain in early 1986,  concluded with concerts  in
Paris and Cologne.

Being  beaten  by  Virgin Records  with  the  quick
release  of 'Logos' in 1982,  this year the  London
bootleggers  came  in  first  :   "Timeless  Space"
features the complete show at the Hammersmith Odeon
on March 3rd,  1986 on a 2-LP-record. The very nice
printed  colour  cover was done with more  love  of
detail than expertise.  Besides a photo of the out-
of-time lineup Froese/ Franke/Schmoelling, the back
cover lists a fantasy TD-Fanclub adress.  The P.O.-
box  mentioned  does  not  even  exist.   "Timeless
Space"  is  a  limited edition of  300  (or  a  few
more...) partly numbered copies.  The first 50 were
planned  in  red vinyl,  but mispressed  and  never

Some  copies  of  the second LP of  this  set  were
spotted in neutral covers with colour inlay  sheets
under the title "The Nameless is the Origin".  They
are labeled as a limited edition of 50 copies  from
Australia,  but most probably only a few copies  of
this home-made offspring do exist.

Another  concert of the Europe tour in Spring  1986
was   released  on   "Electronic   Inspiration-Live
1985".  As mentioned before : never trust a bootleg
cover !  The sound quality is just too bad to  find
out from which of the 1986 concerts this really is.
It  comes in a printed b/w cover and is  a  limited
edition of a few hundred copies.

TD's only concert in Germany in 1986 took place  in
the  concert hall of Cologne's radio  station  WDR,
the 300 tickets were given for free to the  listen-
ers of WDR,  but die-hard fans from all over Europe
found  ways to get tickets and met  up  there.  The
first  hour  of  TD's  100-minute  performance  was
broadcast  live and gratefully recieved  by  German
bootleggers who made "Relativity" from it.

It is a limited edition of 100 numbered copies,  80
of  which come on black vinyl with a neutral  cover
and a green insert sheet with fantasy track titles.
10  copies  on multicoloured vinyl have  a  neutral
cover with a brown insert,  another 10 have a full-
size  photo  cover,  photo labels  and  the  insert
printed on a transparent sheet.  Both multicoloured
series are numbered from one to ten !

In  1986,  more than 9 years had passed since  TD's
last  live appearance in North America (aside  from
three  concerts  in 1980).  They  recieved  a  warm
welcome from their fans and from the bootleg  scene
on  their North America tour in  Summer  1986.  The
result  was  a double album of their  main  set  at
Toronto's Massey Hall on June 21st,  whith one side
of  their  super-rare 1971  single  'Ultima  Thule'
added as a bonus track on side four of  "Undercover
Dreams". It is a limited edition of 100 copies, one
of  the records being pressed on  black  structured
vinyl, the other on the customary black. The black,
neutral cover bears a b/w inlay sheet.  All  copies
are  numbered,  the last four (No.  97-100)  are  a
special edition with photo foldout cover and  photo

Early  1988 saw a bootleg release that  might  well
become known as the most chaotic of all  times.  TD
had  played on a Summer Festival in the ruins of  a
Roman amphitheatre in Orange (France) on August 16,
1975.  A  well  listenable tape recording  of  this
event  circulated  among collectors  all  over  the
world,  and  in 1988 American  bootleggers  finally
pressed a bootleg from a very bad copy of it.

The  bootleg exists in two forms :  a LP and a  7"-
single  with additional music material.  There  are
two major releases :  the 'original',  titled    "A
Dream  Unbound"  with text on the  labels  and  the
'reissue'  (although  both issues appeared  at  the
same time) "Seekers of Dreams",  which has no  text
on the labels. This applies for the LP and the 7".

All  of these were sold in countless  variations  :
the LPs and singles on their own, or packages  with
the LP and the single packed together.  For each of
the  LPs  and singles (and  their  combinations  in
packages), at least 5 different covers are known to
me.  Some of them are just photocopied papers,  but
most  of  them are printed  colour  sheets  showing
fantasy  and science fiction paintings.  They  were 
well available all over the United States for  some
time, so the edition should have been a few hundred
copies  each.  Copies of the LP "A  Dream  Unbound"
were released on white and red vinyl, too.

1986 and 1987 have been hard years for the  serious
bootleg collectors. A lot of new titles were issued
every  other  month,  several of them  in  Germany,
where  the bootleg scene has been almost dried  out
now  after big raids of the  Phonographic  Industry
which  put several bootleggers 'out  of  business'.
All  of  these  issues were more  or  less  limited
editions from one to a few hundred copies. They did
not,  therefore, reach the level of general availa-
bility   of  "Staatsgrenze  West"  or   "Fassbinder
Memorial".  Their limited availability also subjec-
ted  them  to  much   speculation  and  vast  price
differences,  which  is  one of the reasons  why  I
don't list approximate prices here.

In 1990,  a British mail order record shop  offered
"a strictly limited quantity of a special  edition,
studio quality live TD LP from their 1986  tour..."
for  10  Pounds.  Those  lucky enough  to  win  the
"first  come,  first served"-race  found  "Parisian
Dreams - Teknikon" in their postbox,  an excellent,
professionally  remixed recording of their  concert
at  Paris Olympia in March 1990.  It comes  with  a
simple  insert cover (different colours  have  been
seen), some copies are numbered, but no quantity is
specified.  The second part of this concert, filled
up with encores from another show,  followed a  few
weeks later in a similar shape as "Parisian  Dreams
Too - Teknikon".

Thesame  year  saw  the first  bootleg  sampler  CD
"70/90"  to  be released,  coming from  the  US.  A
limited edition of 400 copies in twenty  different,
elaborate   covers   gave  it   a   very   japanese
appearance,  helping  to keep the price up  in  the
sky.  The  CD  has several old  vinyl-only  singles
tracks and several cuts from film soundtracks  that
had not been released before.

TD's video album "Canyon Dreams", produced in 1987,
had  easily  gone gold in worldwide sales  and  won
high credits for the soundtrack.  Miramar  wouldn't
release it on CD before late 1991, and consequently
the  bootleggers supplied the fans with  what  they
wanted  :  a  pre-release of the official CD  on  a
bootleg LP "The Canyon Dreams". A full prited cover
and  multicoloured  vinyl  point  to an  edition of
several hundred copies.

Back on the road after four years, the 1990 tour of
the United Kingdom was a mixed success.  The  Tangs
faced  packed  as  well as  only  quarterly  filled
venues.  One  of  the  hotter  shows  was  held  at
Bristol,  and  an excellent recording came  out  in
1991  as "Bicycle Race".  It has  a  nice,  printed
cover  and  comes on red,  yellow or  blue  marbled
vinyl. Even copies on the customary black have been

April  1992  :  the CD "Danger  Live"  catches  the
collectors  by  surprise.   An  hour  of  excellent
quality  music,   said  to  be  compiled  from  two
concerts in Brussels in 1976.  No tapes good enough
to  serve  as  masters for this  release  had  been
known.  A very nice cover and label artwork add  to
the attractivity of this gemstone.  No  doubt,  the
500 copies won't last long.

Abusing  the name of an organization of  electronic
music  fans  an  American  bootlegger  offered  7"-
singles with live versions of "House of the  Rising
Sun" and a guitar solo shortly after.

That  is all about the TD-bootlegs I've held in  my
hands.  Over the years of collecting,  I have heard
countless  rumours about other  bootlegs.  Some  of
them may well exist,  although in all cases I  have
never  heard of anyone who actually had them  as  a
part of a collection.

Two  more titles can claim a good  probability  for
their  existance,  as different relieable hints  on
them  have come up to me :  "US-tour  1977"  (could
well  be  a double LP from  Cleveland,  April  2nd,
1977) and the "Reims Cathedrale December 13, 1974"-
bootleg  which is said to be an edition of only  50

Several  bootlegs  have been  announced  among  the
fans, but never been produced or distributed due to
police  activities,   like  "Exit  Stage  West"  or
"Dreams  for Freedom/Snackbar Dreamer in  Detroit",
on other occasions rumours about upcoming  official
releases  have  been mistaken  for  bootlegs,  like
'Live Miles'.  TD already had this record on  their
discography in 1983,  but changed the title of  the
new  upcoming album to 'Poland' and used the  title
for a live album in 1988.  Other  recordings,  like
the  music for the Chichester Festival in  1974  or
the  soundtrack  for  "The Keep",  were   due  for
official  release,  but never appeared  because  of
legal problems among the publishing companies.

So,  if anyone out there has detailed  informations
about any bootlegs not listed in this article,  let
us know about them !

Also,  people seem to confuse bootleg LPs with  so-
called "bootleg tapes" or "live-tapes",  which  are
home-copied  cassette recordings of  TD   concerts.
Especially at British and German record fairs  such
tapes  were frequently sold with photocopied  inlay
covers, often with a title given to them.

There  are  some  'professional'  bootleg  cassette
releases,  though.  The borderline between more  or
less  private  'fan tapes'  with  nice  photocopied
covers and cassette bootlegs is somewhat arbitrary,
but  the  following  releases  have  professionally
printed  covers  and/or cassette  labels,  or  were
very widely distributed.

Besides  all the official and illegal LP  releases,
TD's  1980  East Berlin gigs have also  inspired  a
cassette bootlegger.  Labeled as a limited  edition
of 28 copies,  "Electronical Processor" comes  with
printed black and white cover and labels.

TD's  concert in support of the peace  movement  at
the  Berlin  Reichstag  on  August  29,   1981  was
released  on a C90-tape with black and white  inlay
cover  and  labels as "Tangerine  Dream  LIVE"  and
an estimated amount of 1000 copies was  distributed
in the peace movement scene.

"Soundtrack Box Vol.  I" is an LP-size, printed box
with a plastic inlay holding 4 cassette tapes.  The
music  on them is taken from the video releases  of
films TD has made the soundtracks for.  It features
tracks from "The Keep",  "Forbidden", "The Soldier"
and "Strange Behaviour" and comes with 2 black  and
white  inserts  and  a 12-page  booklet.  It  is  a
limited  edition of 65 copies from Germany,  15  of
them  are  stamped as 'Promo-copies'  and  have  an
extra tape with three more tracks from "The Keep".

Made in the same style,  as a 'cassette box'  comes
the   "1988  US  Tour   Box",   featuring   concert
recordings from Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Detroit and
Toronto, as well as a radio interview on a total of
8  tapes.  Included is a reprint of a  TD-biography
published by the Washington Post. A "promo edition"
with  a  photo  cover and colour  tape  labels  and
covers exists, too.

"The Bootleg Box" was an edition of 25 red  plastic
suitcases  carrying  8 tapes that had  been  copied
from  LP bootlegs mentioned above.  A  binder  with
cover photocopies completes the set.

"Undercover  Dreams"  was released  in  a  numbered
edition  of 25 copies as a cassette version with  a
plastic-coated cover and orange labels.  The  track
order has been changed to make it fit on a C90.

Even  a video cassette bootleg with a  professional
outfit  does  exist.  A private  videotape  of  the
concert  at  Bonner  Springs  on  June   13,   1988
already  circulated  among collectors for  a  while
when  a  limited  edition of 25  copies  with  full
colour  cover and cassette labels plus a  cardboard
inlay in a plastic box popped up, titled as "Kansas

There   is  no  doubt  that  increasing   technical
possibilities  will lead to more and  more  bootleg
tape  releases.  Just think about what one  can  do
with computer publishing systems and modern  colour
photocopiers  !  So the question will  soon  arise,
whether  to  keep track with these releases  or  to
file them under 'fan tapes'.

(c) May 1992

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Overview :

Quality is sound quality on a 1-10 scale, 10 is best (professional CD)
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  TANGERINE DREAM BOOTLEGS LIST                         of October 13, 1996

Min: running time in minutes , Qu: sound quality, 10 is best, Sc: source

Date                    Location                                   Min Qu=

13.12.74 Reims Cathedrale "Live Improvised" 2CD...................  86  8=
02.04.75 London "Coefficient of aural expansion"..................  61  9=
02.04.75 London "The coefficient of aural expansion 1"............  69  9=
02.04.75 London "The coefficient of aural expansion 2"............  51  9=
16.08.75 Orange "A Dream Unbound/Seekers of Dreams" LP+Single.....  43  5=
  .  .76 Brussels 2.2.76 + 26.11.76 "Danger Live".................  71  9=
08.11.76 Nottingham Usher Hall (Part I  ) "Me-Rad"................  66  8=
31.03.77 Detroit "The Emerald Beyond (LP) / Acoustic LSD (CD)"....  37  7=
02.04.77 Cleveland "US-Tour '77" - 2LP  (does this really exist ??  81  7=
10.04.77 Montreal Place des Arts "Transformation".................  60  8=
10.04.77 Montreal Place des arts "Patrolling Space Borders".......  74  9=
21.04.77 Seattle "Fotzenslecker/Netzlautst=84rke/Babylon's Strange".  32 =
 7 LP 
19.02.78 Berlin Eissporthalle "Don't Walk - Dream Now" 2LP........ 101  7=
31.01.80 Ostberlin "White Cloths" (both concerts + interview)..... 174  8=
31.01.80 Ostberlin "Staatsgrenze West"............................  44  7=
31.01.80 Ostberlin "Don Quixotte"  (pirate of official Amiga-LP)..  47  8=
05.11.80 Preston (Part I) "Undulation(LP)/Soundtrack for Fantasy(C  44  8=
05.11.80 Preston (Part II)  "Space Trucking"......................  35  8=
29.08.81 Berlin Platz der Republik  "Official bootleg tape".......  92  6=
25.10.81 Newcastle (Part I  ) "Space & Spheres"...................  45  6=
25.10.81 Newcastle (Part II) "Space Trucking".....................   7  6=
25.10.81 Newcastle "Dreamtime"....................................  60  8=
22.02.82 Sydney "Leprous Appearance on Wednesday".................  47  8=
22.02.82 Sydney "Dreaming"  (=3D'Leprous..'+Ultima Thule Part I)....  51 =
 7 CD 
01.03.82 Melbourne "R=84tikon"(59m)+ POPOL VUH/MAN (14m)+BRIAN ENO (  71 =
 8 CD 
  .  .83 "The Keep" (studio, radio and remixes)...................  67  8=
  .  .83 "The Complete Works of THE KEEP" (Studio, TV, Film)......  75  8=
11.06.83 Frankfurt "Fassbinder Memorial Concert"..................  30  8=
  .03.86 unknown concert 03/86 "Electronic Inspiration Live 1985".  38  7=
27.03.86 London"Timeless Space/The Nameless is the origin+Alien Ro 103  8=
29.03.86 K=94ln  "Relativity".......................................  54 =
 8 LP 
31.03.86 Paris (Part  I) "Parisian Dreams - Teknikon".............  44  9=
31.03.86 Paris (Part II) "Parisian Dreams Too - Teknikon".........  39  6=
31.03.86 Paris (Part II) "3 Tier Dream On" (+'Cliffs of Sydney')..  45  6=
06.06.86 Laguna Hills "Somanbulistic Imagery" 2CD................. 108  9=
21.06.86 Toronto "Undercover Dreams" (inc. Ultima Thule Part I)...  89  7=
01.08.87 Berlin Reichstag Part I + 3 tr.Bristol 6.11.90  "Antarkti  74  9=
01.08.87 Berlin Reichstag Part II "20th Century Serenades"........  61  9=
  .11.87 "The Canyon Dreams" (music from the video)...............  42  8=
29.08.88 Columbus "Live in the USA 1988 Part I - Ardem-O".........  55  8=
29.08.88 "Collected Endings" (Columbus 88 pt.2 + Nottingham 76 pt.  54  8=
06.09.88 Boston "Spherical Harmonics One".........................  62  8=
06.09.88 Boston "Spherical Harmonics 2"...........................  50  8=
07.09.88 New York "Sound and Effects" (inc. one MARK SHREEVE track  69  6=
  .10.88 "Live in the USA 1988" - 7"-Single.......................  11  8=
  .10.88 Cassette box "USA 1988 Tour Box"......................... 455  7=
  .  .89 Soundtrack Box Vol.I Promo (Keep/Soldier/Forbidden/Strang 149  7=
  .  .90 "70/90" (Soundtrack excerpts and singles)................  75  8=
06.11.90 Bristol (Part  I) "Bicycle Race".........................  46  8=
06.11.90 Bristol (Part II) "In den G=84rten Pharaos"................  75 =
 8 CD 
06.11.90 Bristol Part I "Singet, denn der Gesang.." PICTURE DISK..  48  8=
  .  .92 "Prayer of Quiet Dreams" (Soundtracks 1971-1990, Live 199  70  7=
  .  .92 "Fragments"  (Soundtracks, singles, tracks 1977-1986)....  60  8=
04.10.92 Toronto "Dreaming on Danforth Avenue"....................  60  8=
  .  .93 "Crazy for Dream" (unrel.tracks from C.dreams+Crazy for y  61  8=
  .  .93 "3 Tier Dream" 3CD (London 76, London 82, Paris 86, singl 175  8=
  .  .93 "Mystery Tracks" (Flashpoint,Quinoa,Singles).............  77 10=
  .  .93 "Alien Air Music" (various live tracks 1986-1989)........  57  9=
  .  .94 "Legend" (mispressing, one rack missing".................  46  9=
  .  .94 "Sol et Luna - Mystery Tracks 2" (Heartbreakers+Singles).  77 10=
  .  .94 "The dream is not always the same" (Berlin 1976,1980,1982  69  8=
  .  .94 "Rare Trax 1" (rare tracks 1967 - 1987)..................  59  7=
  .  .95 "Rare Trax 2" (rare tracks and disco remixes, 1983-1994).  69  8=
  .  .95 "Tape Trax" (rare tracks and live 1981-1988).............  70  8=
  .  .95 "Absolutely Hypnotized" (London'75 33 min + Cantu'81 42mi  75  9=

see "Update #19" at the end of this file for recent,yet uncataloged,addit=


Private Nachrichten
L.I...... (Fr, 27.02.92 19:22) Bootlegged Dreams Update
Status : Gateway angekommen (Sa, 28.02.92 06:31)

An: tadream@cs.uwp.edu

Hello everybody, here's a short summary of the news from the Bootleg fron=
since "Voices in the Dunes" went to the printer :

LP's :

 *  Parisian Dreams Too
    Part two of the concert in Paris 30.3.86 plus an LP-Version of
    'Dolphin Smile'. Black vinyl, good quality, white cover with blue,
    photocopied inlay sheet. (other sheet colours reported,too)

 *  The Canyon Dreams
    sort of a 'bootleg pre-release' of the Canyon Dreams CD. It lists
    more tracks than the CD, but is in fact identical. Excellent quality,
    printed full colour cover.

 *  Bicycle Race
    47 min. from TD's Bristol concert on Nov 6,1990. Good quality, printe=
    b/w photo cover with red title. Issued on blue, sparkled red and
    sparkled yellow vinyl.

CD's :

 *  Soundtrack for Fantasy, Live in Detroit, USA, "Undulation"
    a CD copy of "Undulation", excellent quality, colour cover

 *  Acoustic LSD, Live in Seattle,USA, "The Emerald Beyond"
    a CD copy of "The Emerald Beyond", excellent quality, colour cover

Cassettes :

 *  US-Tour Box 1988 "Promo Copy"
    a nicer version of the usual US-Tour-Box with full colour Box and
    tape covers, some press material and a little star-spangled banner :-=

Rumours :

 *  countless and meaningless, as usual...

Did anything else pop up that I missed out ? If so, please let me know.

Before I forget : _NO_ , I can't get that stuff for you. Of some I have a
swap copy that I might give away for interesting offers (this means :
rare records, not money!). I'll post my new Swap & Sales list soon.

greetings from Germany, -klaus-

# Klaus Beschorner, Ulrichweg 20, W-7043 Grafenau 1, Germany,++49-7033-45=
# Internet : klaus @ vnet.ibm.com            (work)
# MausNet  : klaus_beschorner @ bb.maus.de   (home)
Private Nachrichten


L........ (Mo, 13.07.92 20:10) Bootlegged Dreams Update 2
Status : Nicht gelesen

An: tadream @ cs.uwp.edu

Hello Folks,
a lot of new stuff has come up recently, so here's an addition to my firs=
update posting in February. For complettists only...



* two new vinyl colours for "Canyon Dreams" have popped up : solid blue v=
  and a transparent blue with balck/grey sparkles.

* in 1992, an American Distributor sold a 7"-Single, "Tangerine Dream Liv=
  in the USA, 1988", with live a live version of 'House of the rising sun=
  and another encore from the US-Tour '88 on it. Good Quality, nice item.

* "Die Medianen von Zymbiola" is a 'The Emerald Beyond', who's matrix num=
  has been scratched out and a hand-made cover replaced the original one.


* "Rare Trax 1" is the first bootleg using the format of recordable CD.
  Tracks from old singles and samplers and some soundtrack exceerpts
  make up the programme.

* "Danger Live", compiled from two concerts in Brussels, 1976, is one of
  the bootlegs I like best : excellent music, excellent sound quality and
  a very nice cover and label printing make this a gemstone.

* "Transformation", the first of three (see the following two items) of
  the second occurence of recordable CD bootlegs. This one features an
  hour of extasy from the Montreal 1977 concert. Made in UK (?).

* "Dreamtime" brings up an hour from the Newcastle 1981 concert and is
  not taken from the 'Space and Sheres'/'Space Truckin' - LPs.

* similar to '70/90', "Fragments" has a selection of non-LP, live and
  soundtrack pieces on it.


* as usual, don't count on this line, the heading sais it all....

* A CD with Live Material from 1988 as well as a CD from London, 1975
  are said to be due for release soon.


 Date: Sun, 19 Jul 92 12:56:00 GMT
 From: tadream (tadream mailing list)
 Subject: Bootlegged Dreams Update 3
 To: tadream

 Really-From: Klaus_Beschorner@bb.maus.de (Klaus Beschorner)

 Some updates today, as well as more details to items covered in Update 2.
 Enjoy, -klaus-


 * again, two more new vinyl colour for "The Canyon Dreams" :
   solid blue with black sparkles, and ordinary black.


  actual track sequence on "Fragments" (total time 61:20)

  1. (empty)
  2. Baryll Blue 7:05
  3. The Keep 1:55
  4. Horns of Doom 5:50
     Chimes & Chains 3:21
  5. Red Nights 2:40
  6. Gaudi Park (Live) 5:01
     Daydream 4:25
  7. Moorland 3:56
     Hauted Hights 5:52
  8. Deathbite -Spasm- 2:24
  9. Monolight Part 1&2 (Live) 5:47
 10. Risky Business(unreleased) 5:00
 11. Zen Garden (Live) 5:00
 12. Rubicon Reworked (Live) 3:51
 13. (some crap)
 14. (empty)
 15. (empty)
 16. (empty)


 Date: Tue, 28 Jul 92 21:59:00 GMT
 From: tadream (tadream mailing list)
 Subject: Bootlegged Dreams Update 4
 To: tadream

 Really-From: Klaus_Beschorner@bb.maus.de (Klaus Beschorner)

Hello friends,

and again : a new release on the Bootleg Front :


* In den G"arten Pharaos / Bicycle Race
         (German Umlaut)

  A nice, printed cover, and a very good CD with live naterial from the
  Bristol concert Nov 6, 1990. Roughly 28 of the 75 minutes of music have
  already been on the LP-bootleg "Bicycle Race", the rest has only been
  available on tape so far.
  I've seen two versions, they differ in the background colour of the dis=
  label printing, which is either red or blue.

I have 3 copies of each colour to swap/sell. Let your swap offers come
in. I'll post a price in a week or so, to give good swap offers really
the first priority. After that, they'll be sold on a first come, first
served basis, if there are any copies left...


Private Nachrichten
=3D2E........ (Sa, 03.10.92 16:31) Bootlegged Dreams Update 5
Status : Nicht gelesen

An: tadream @ cs.uwp.edu

Not that it's particularly new, but just to keep my own files (and
maybe some of yours) up to date.
Here are the new releases :


C D s

* "In den Gaerten Pharaos" is available with a yellow label, too.
  The blue and red labels are often referred to as "green" and "pink".
  The colours are hard to name...

* "Sound and Effects" has 69 minutes from the concert in Ney York's
  Radio City Music Hall in 1988. It has a professional outfit, seems to
  be part of an "American Concerts Series" and some of the CDs have
  a sticker "not licensed for Germany" :-). The sound quality is
  not very good, though.


* already on order: "Live Improvised" (2CD,1974)

* announced : "Me'Rad" (CD,1976), "Ardem'O" (CD 1988), "Collected Endings=
              (CD, 1976+1988), KLAUS SCHULZE "On Tour '83" 2CD.
Private Nachrichten
L........ (Mi, 04.11.92 22:08) Bootlegged Dreams Update 6
Status : Gateway angekommen (Do, 05.11.92 06:31)

An: tadream @ cs.uwp.edu

Hi folks,

Was it just bad luck that I didn't meet anybody of you netlanders at the
SF, LA and Ventura shows or was nobody there ?
Anyway, after a very eventful trip I came back home and found four new
bootleg CDs in the pile of mail that had accumulated. Plus one I'm not
sure about whether I already posted the info, so, sorry if this is redund=


* CD "Floating" Klaus Dieter Mueller's expertise on this one (as to be
                included in "The Works") :

                1) Mindphaser  37'17
                2) Floating    36'36

                Inlaycard states : "Recorded Live in De Vereeniging,
                Nijmegen, November 21, 198_2_" The two tracks on this CD
                sound musically like our own recording from the Nijmegen
                concert from this 198_1_ (!) tour, but neither "Floating"
                nor "Mindphaser" was performed. The music played got the
                "Winsen" titles. The sound of this CD is very different
                from our own recordings, as for instance a high frequency
                rythm (hi-hat) was played and heard during long parts of
                Winsen 1 (track 2 on CD) which is not at all audible on
                the CD. This is because the main frequency range of the CD
                is from approx. 80 to under 4 kHz only. About 5 minutes
                from the beginning as well as at least 5 minutes from the
                finale of Klaus' and Manuel's playing of Winsen 1 is also
                not included on this CD - which is a musical barbarism.
                The "ending" of Winsen 1 on CD is faked ! The title Winsen
                2 (track 1 on CD) is complete.

* 2-CD "United States 83" A double CD from Klaus' tour around _Europe_in
                1983. I didn't have time yet to compare with my tapes to
                find out from which concert it actually is. KDM might be
                able to find out... The sound quality is excellent, the
                titles are given as
                sequence one 43:59
                sequence two 35:00
                finale       10:31


C D ' s

This is a series of three CDs on the "Silver Rarities" label. All have
space pictures as covers and are sub-titled as "argonautica americana
part one (two, three)".

* me-rad        "recorded Live in USA 1976"  Movement One 32:52
                                             Movement Two 32:05
                actually, it's an excellent recording of the concert in
                Nottingham's Usher Hall, Nov. 8, 1976

* ARDEM 'O'     "recorded live in USA 1988" Part one and two 54:43
                it really is from the 1988 tour, but as with the KS
                CD mentioned above I haven't had time to compare tapes yet.
                Sound quality is very good.

* Collected Endings  me-rad the encore  12:00
                     ardem 'o' part two 10:31
                     ardem 'o' the ending 31:09

* Live! Improvised! A double CD with an _excellent_ recording of the
                    infamous performance at Reims Cathedral in 1974.
                    The inside cover is acopy of the concert announcement.

Rumours :

my supplier said that both are available and that he'll pick them up
for me over the weekend, so I'm quite confident about them :

* a double CD of the 1988 New York show, this time in decent sound
  quality, is said to be out "real soon now". This release might be two
  separate CDs with Part One and Two, respectively.

* another CD bootleg is out. No details known so far.

Private Nachrichten
........ (So, 21.02.93 15:13) Bootlegged Dreams Update 7
Status : Nicht gelesen

An: tadream @ cs.uwp.edu

Hello friends, two more news from the Bootleg Front :

C D ' s

* the 1988 music material on ARDEM'O and COLLECTED ENDINGS can be confirmed
  to be from Columbus, Ohio Theater, 29.8.1988. For those among you who know
  who made the original tape : he has nothing to do with this release.
  Neither have I :-)

* ANTARCTICA seems to come from the same people who made IN DEN GAERTEN
  PHARAOS. It has a very nice cover and the song titles are again taken from
  old Popol Vuh LPs. The first 65 min are excerpts from the concert in
  front of the Berlin Reichstag on Aug 1, 1987, the last 10 min are
  identical to the first three tracks on IN DEN GAERTEN... (Bristol 1990).
  The sound quality is excellent, the CD label is printed in an icey blue.

ID  : P3776@BB
Wg. : Bootlegged Dreams Update 8
An  : tadream @ cs.uwp.edu

Some of these may be "old news", I only included them here to complete my
own files and the data in the "Updates".

C D s

 * "Prayer of Quiet Dreams", released in the US in a tri-fold cardboard
   cover. Various soundtrack excerpts from 1971-1992 and two live tracks
   from the 1992 US tour.

 * "70/90" has been repackaged in tri-fold cardboard covers and distribut=
   in the USA.

 * "Dreaming on Danforth Avenue" recorded live in Toronto, Oct 4, 1992.
   A CD with white label background and a full colour foldout cover,
   excellent sound quality.

V I D E O s

 * "An evening in L.A" TD live in Los Angeles, Oct 30, 1992, encores from
   the Detroit show and some TV interviews and video clips. A 3 hour video
   in a printed box. The picture quality on my (VHS-) copy isn't good, but
   the sound is quite clear.



Date: 17 Nov 93 17:50 +0100
From: tadream (tadream mailing list)
Subject: Bootlegged Dreams Update 9
To: tadream

Really-From: Klaus_Beschorner@bb.maus.de (Klaus Beschorner)
Requests for add/removal from this list to tadream-request@cs.uwp.edu


sorry for any duplicate Messages from me recently, it were hickups at
a transport site.

It's about time for another update on recent bootleg releases :

C D's

* "Mystery Tracks" might be the release that finally makes TD prosecute
  their bootleggers. It has pirates of hard-to-get official material
  on it:
  - the complete "Flashpoint" soundtrack CD (only a few playable copies
    exist, and the LP is getting rare, too)
  - "Quinoa", the exclusive CD release for members of the former TDIFC
    (this particularly p*ssed Edgar off!)
  - two tracks from a single with Chi Coltrane on vocals ('One Night in
    Medina'/'I just want to rule my own life without you')
  - "Dr. Destructo" from the soundtrack "Thief"
  - "Rumpelstiltskin - Theme"
  all in all 77 minutes in "official" quality.

* "Sonambulistic Imagery" is a 2CD set with a nice cover booklet and
  features 108 minutes of live music from the Laguna Hills concert
  in 1986. The sound quality is great.

* "Crazy for Dream" is a CD-R (or WORM-Disc, a recordable CD) and only
  six copies were made. It features unreleased music composed for
  "Canyon Dreams" and the film "Crazy for you".

* "Alien Air Music", another CD-R, brings us 57 minutes of live music
  from various US concerts in 1986, 1988 and 1989. It comes in a wooden
  box with a brass plate on it. Quality is great, too.

On the horizon : "3-Tier Dream", a triple CD box. I'll pick up my copy
at KLEMdag.



Date: 21 Nov 93 17:48 +0100
From: tadream (tadream mailing list)
Subject: Bootlegged Dreams Update 10
To: tadream

Really-From: Klaus_Beschorner@bb.maus.de (Klaus Beschorner)
Requests for add/removal from this list to tadream-request@cs.uwp.edu

just back from KLEMdag, here are two new releases:

C Ds

* "3 Tier Dream" The Connoisseur Collection CC 1744, UK, Edition 300
  A triple CD with a 4-page inlay.
  Tier 1: "Analogue Days" London Albert Hall 1976, 60:52 min
  Tier 2: "Digital Times" London Hammersmith 1982, 67:29 min
                          (should be London Dominion!)
  Tier 3: "Paris Dreams" Paris Olympia 1986, 37:01 min
          "Another Perspective (1)" 3:41 min (both sound like live 1982)
          "Another Perspective (2)" 5:02 min (this one's 'White Eagle')
  The sound quality improves from very good ('Danger Live'ish) on
  Tier 1 to excellent on Tier 3. The covers are either numbered or
  marked "Promo".
  Well, good sound but nothing new that couldn't be found in similar
  quality on tapes floating around.

* "Dreaming" Musik Brandenburg TDCD 0193, Germany
  The CD re-release of "Leprous Appearance on Wednesday" with "Ultima
  Thule Part 1" added as a bonus track, 50:11 min overall. The CD is
  mastered from the LP, so the sound isn't any better than it was
  on the LP, but still good.

and still no signs of the "Keep"-CD.


Gruppe: Persoenliche
ID  : P23971@BB
Wg. : Bootlegged Dreams Update xx (11)
An  : tadream @ cs.uwp.edu (Sa, 08.01.94 16:08)


due to a hard disk crash (and backups from the stone age) I've lost
count on my B.D. Updates. The last one I have is #9. If anybody has
saved later Updates, please send them to me, thx.

Or maybe Dave gets to compile the digests for Oct-Dec, then I can look
them up myself...

C D's

* "20th Century Serenades", the second part of Berlin 1.7.87, and as
  excellent in sound quality as "Antarktis" was.

* "Dreaming", Sydney 1982. The CD re-release of the LP bootleg "Leprous
  Appearance on Wednesday". A direct transfer from the LP, including
  the silly intro, and not up to today's sound standards. "Ultima Thule
  Part I", taken from 'Undercover Dreams' is included as a bonus track.

L P's

* "Singet, denn der Gesang vertreibt die Woelfe" is a nice looking
  picture disk LP, but musically it's just yet another release of
  "Bicycle Race".

and some more ripoff releases courtesy of "Dream Collector":

- Mystery Tracks CD with pink label
- In den Gaerten Pharaos CD with red label
- Antarktis CD with white label


Gruppe: Persoenliche
ID  : P26492@BB
Wg. : Bootlegged Dreams Update 12
An  : tadream @ cs.uwp.edu (Mo, 14.02.94 20:57)

C D s

* another new one: "Raetikon" 58 mins in very good quality from TDs show
  at Melbourne 1.3.82, taken from the radio transmission.
  Filled with tracks by POPOL VUH, MAN and BRIAN ENO


Gruppe: Persoenliche
ID  : P23971@BB
Wg. : Bootlegged Dreams Update 13
An  : tadream @ cs.uwp.edu (So, 15.05.94 21:13)

C D s

two new CD-R's (recordable CDs) have come up recently.

* "The Complete Works Of THE KEEP" comes with a nice, colour cover,
  has 17 tracks from the film, studio tapes and radio broadcasts with
  a total time of 74 min, giving a good overview of the material from
  THE KEEP that's in circulation. Sound quality is acceptable,
  it has a printed label and an alleged issue of 40 copies.

* "Fractal Realities in a shattered plane" is a one-off CD-R made as
  a new year's gimmick with a nice box and cover. The music is from
  TDs Melbourne 1982 concert.



Gruppe: Pers=94nliche
ID:   P957@BB
Wg.:  Bootlegged Dreams Update 14
An:   tadream @ cs.uwp.edu (Sa, 12.11.94 19:00)


some more activity on the bootleg front. For those among you still
unaware of the fact : these bootleg release updates are collected
and archived in

C D s :

- "Three Tier Dream On", the sequel to the 3CD-Box, features another
  41 mins from TDs 1986 Paris concert plus a pre-release-version
  of "Cliffs of Sydney". Quality is the same as 'Parisian Dreams Too',
  and it's alimited and numbered edition of 300 copies.

- "Sol et Luna - Mystery Tracks Vol. II" , another CD of rather rare
  material. It features the complete 'Heartbreakers' - CD, the four
  unreleased solo tracks from the '70-80'-box, 'Alexander Square',
  'Oszillator Planet Concert' and an  excerpt of an interview with
  Edgar (from the Rockoon CD single)  good sound quality, and from the
  "usual" german source, so be  prepared for more releases with different
  labels. This one is  striped gold/black.

- many new ripoff releases (courtesy : Dream Collector)
  CD In den Gaerten Pharaos - white label
  CD Antarktis - silver/blue , gold/black , black/silver
  CD 20th Century Serenades - black/red , blue/brown , gold/red
  CD Mystery Tracks - gold , aubergine
  CD R=84tikon - blue , brown

- 2CD Ossiach Live. Not bootleg, but a pirate. The official 3-LP set
  has been transferred (scratches and all) to CD. On it you can find
  the otherwise unreleased 8:10 long "Oszillator Planet Concert" by TD.
  excerpt of an interview with Edgar (from the Rockoon CD single)
  good sound quality, and from the "usual" german source, so be
  prepared for more releases with different labels. This one is
  striped gold/black.

- "Spherical Harmonics One" features the first hour of an excellent
  soundboard cut of TDs 1988 Boston concert.

- "The Coefficient of Aural Expansion One" might become another classic,
  it brings us the 1975 concert in London's Royal Albert Hall in a sound
  quality far superior even to the radio recordings floating around.

- "Rare Trax 1" had been announced in 1991 as a collection of rare
  TD tracks, but was never produced. Now it's available on CD-R
  (recordable CD) format. Very few copies sighted so far.
  The track list :
   1. ULTIMA THULE PART ONE      3:27
   2. ULTIMA THULE PART TWO      4:17
   3. LADY GREENGRASS      2:41
   4. LOVE OF MINE      3:03
   6. OVERTURE      10:41
   7. HOBO MARCH      4:31
   8. HORNS OF DOOM      5:38
   9. A TIME FOR HEROES      5:53
  10. HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN      3:43
  11. ROMANIAN ROAD      2:48
  12. GLORIA      2:58
      TOTAL RUNNING TIME   58:25

Rumour department : "The Keep" seized by customs, "Legend" delayed,
                    sequels to "Spherical" and "Coefficient" planned.


Gruppe: Pers=94nliche
ID:   P28137@BB
Wg.:  Bootlegged Dreams Update #15
An:   tadream @ cs.uwp.edu (Mo, 02.01.95 15:51)

New Year, new boots (and rumours) !

as usual, this mail will soon be appended to :

C D ' s

- "The Dream is not always the same" is a CD-R from Germany, featuring
  three concert excerpts from TD's Berlin concerts in 1976, 1980 and
  1982, all in very good quality. What makes this limited edition of
  just 10 copies very special is the packaging : a nice foldout colour
  insert wraps the CD in a steel sleeve.

M C ' s

- whoever thought the days of cassette boxes were over is herewith
  proved wrong : "White Cloths" is a very nice colour box housing
  two tapes and several good colour and b/w fotos from TD's legendary
  concert as the first western rock band in East Berlin in 1980.
  Playing time is 170 minutes with excerpts from both shows and
  an interview conducted on East German radio. Both the fotots and
  the excellent sound of the tapes make this a remarkable item.
rumour department : "Legend" and "The Keep" further delayed.



Gruppe: Pers=94nliche
ID:   P37243@BB
Wg.:  Bootlegged Dreams Update #16
An:   tadream @ cs.uwp.edu (Fr, 21.04.95 22:51)


two new releases have just come by, so here's a short update. For those
asking about other bootlegs, here's a pointer to more info :

    These bootleg release updates are collected from the tadream
     mailing list (tadream-request@cs.uwp.edu) and archived in:

     For a comprehensive story about the bootlegs released before
   May 1992 (basically the article from "Voices in the Dunes") get:

* "The Keep" has been released as a 'regular' bootleg CD now, while a
  CD-R of most of the material had been available for some months.
  The CD features nine tracks from the studio master tape of the soundtrack,
  three more released by Edgar for German radio airplay and two remixes
  taken from the 70/90 bootleg. Sound quality is not top notch, but bearable.
  Fans of "The Keep" - go for it !
* "Tape Trax" is another one of those CD-R's that seem to be the hottest
  stuff for the moment - until everybody has access to the equipment.
  We get a sound samplin gof 'No Man's Land', some tracks from 'Legend'
  and 'The Keep', 'Horns of Doom` from the Klem cassette and two live
  tracks. All in all, a nice compilation, a very good cover, and a limited
  edition of just 25 copies.
rumour department : 'Legend' and 'Rare Trax 2' coming soon.



Gruppe: Pers=94nliche
ID:   P49560@BB
Wg.:  Bootlegged Dreams Update #17
An:   tadream @ cs.uwp.edu (Mi, 10.05.95 19:16)


here's the latest release info :

C D - R

* RARE TRAX 2 is another one of these recordable CDs, coming in a
  dali-esque colour cover and a numbered edition of 20 copies. Sound
  quality is far better than on Vol.1, and the music material includes
  five disco remixes of TD tracks made at the Private Music studios.
  Here's the full track list :
 o TANGERINE DREAM Lily On The Beach ZEO REMIXES, 1989  
    1. ATMOSPHERIC REMIX 123 bpm              7:42      
    2. METAMORPHIC REMIX 123 bpm              8:07      
    3. STRATOSPHERIC REMIX 100 bpm            5:50      
    4. ATMOSPHERIIC REMIX 125 bpm             6:20      
    5. POLYMORPHIC REMIX 123 bpm              4:03      
 o TANGERINE DREAM Singles And Samplers, 1992-1994      
    6. BEAVER TOWN                   4:15               
    7. ROARING OF THE BLISS          5:00               
    8. ROCKOON (RADIO EDIT)          4:16               
    9. DREAMTIME (VOCAL)             3:40               
    10. STORY OF THE BRAVE           5:15               
 o EDGAR FROESE Exclusive Track For KORG, 1993          
    11. MICHIKO      2:47                               
 o PETER BAUMANN German 12" - Single, 1983              
    12. FREMDE IN DER NACHT           3:54              
 o CHRISTOPH FRANKE Unreleased Solo Demos, 1987         
    13. SIXTRACK DEMOS         6:01                     
   TOTAL RUNNING TIME   68:40                           


Gruppe: Pers=94nliche
ID:   P49560@BB
Wg.:  Bootlegged Dreams Update #18
An:   tadream @ cs.uwp.edu (Mi, 10.10.96 19:16)

Hi folks,                                                     10 Oct 96

it's been quite a while, so here are some updates to what has surfaced
recently on the bootleg scene. During the next days I'll send a new,
complete bootlegged_dreams_updates to Dave to put it on the uwp archive.

L P 's

* this format is not dead yet... "Don't Walk - Dream Now" is a very
  nicely packaged double LP from TD's concert in Berlin's Eissporthalle
  on Feb 19, 1978. 101 minutes in reasonable sound quality from a
  tour that's not yet been covered by any live releases. It comes in
  a metal (!) box, includes a nice colour sheet and press quotes, is
  a numbered edition of 200copies and the first twenty are in blue
C D ' s

* Montreal's CHOM-FM broadcasted TD's show at Place des Arts on April
  10, 1977 ,and the tape of this eery broadcast circulated widely among
  fans. Now part of it is available on the CD "Patrolling Space Borders".
  74 minutes in excellent quality. Some copies have been sighted with
  a different cover (but identical CD), titled "Laserium"

* The pressing factory messed up a "Legend"  bootleg, featuring the
  complete soundtrack plus some re-edits and live versions of tracks.
  All copies were missing track three, and were destroyed. Only a few
  "nostralgia" copies of this misprint are in circulation.

C D R ' s

most of the recent activity has been on recordable CD's (CDR's). The
first three releases listed here were planned as "regular bootleg CDs"
by a source in the UK. When this guy got bust other fans resorted to
the CDR medium to make these masters available

* When bootleggers got access to the BBC's master tapes of TD's London
  Royal Albert Hall appearance on April 2, 1975, a bootleg was not far
  away. "The coefficent of aural expansion 1" has already been featured
  in this coloumn. Most of it's copies were confiscated, though, and
  Part 2 was never pressed on CD. The Magnificent Music Corporation of
  Italy - acually, a British fan, released both Parts on recordable CDs.
  Both Part 1 and Part 2 are a limited edition of 70 copies each.
  Probably the highest-ever edition of a CDR...
* Similar story for Boston, Sept 6, 1988. But here the first part of
  "Spherical Harmonics" was already widely distributed, so the same
  guy released only Part 2 as another series of 70 numbered CDRs.
* "Absolutely Hypnotized" is a fan production of only two copies.
  Included are extracts from London RAH 1975 and Cantu,Italy 1981.
dream on,


Gruppe: Pers=94nliche
ID:   P43507@BB
Wg.:  Bootlegged Dreams Update #19
An:   tadream @ cs.uwp.edu (Mo, 23.06.97 00:54)
MId:  199706230054.p43507@bb.maus.de
State: Gateway angekommen (Mo, 23.06.97 03:19 Uhr)

it's been a long time since I've posted any updates, and I'm still trying
to make up with 3 boxes of new, uncataloged material that has accumulated
since I've moved. Anyway, here's at least a brief list of what's new, and
in time I'll fill in the running times and qualities.

  .  .96  "SoundTrax" (unreleased soundtrack excerpts)          71 8 CDR
02.04.75  London "Ruby in the sky" ("Coefficient 1+2 as 2CDR)  120 9 CDR =
  .  .95  Berlin Studio rehearsals "Logotypes"                       CDR
  .  .96  Koeln "Nachtmusik" (from the radio broadcast)              CDR
  .  .96  "Electrick Rockoon"                                        CDR
30.11.96  London "Live in London" 3CDR (concert+soundcheck)          CDR
21.04.77  Seattle "not yet titled"  ############                     CDR
31.01.80  Ostberlin "Beyond the Wall"                                CDR
  .  .96  "Oranges from France" (Orange '75+Sobornost+Catwalk)       CDR
16.08.75  "Oranges from France" (Orange,'Seeker of Dreams pt1-3')    CDR

  .03.86  Paris "3 Tier Dream On"                                    CD
  .  .96  "Rubycon revisited" (pirate mix of TD and Bl.Sabbath)      CD
10.04.77  Montreal "Laserium" (identical to "Patrolling..")     74 9 CD x=