From: (tadream mailing list)
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 09:02:45 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: TD on new compilation

Really-From: Sean Montgomery 

I just got ahold of a new compilation called 'Music Futurists', on the
Rhino label (released in association with Wired Magazine).  It features
Steve Reich, Can, Brian Eno, Devo, Laurie Anderson...and Tangerine Dream.
'Cloudburst Flight', to be specific.  Here's what the booklet inside has
to say:

"Few groups can enjoy the kind of longevity and emerging reputation 
Berlin-based Tangerine Dream have. Since their inception in 1967, the
band has included some 30 musicians; they were reviled at first by
critics, who rejected their music as dull and uninspired; yet they have
emerged, over time, as one of the most influential forces on modern
electronic music. In 1979, when "Cloudburst Flight" appeared on Virgin
Records' Force Majeur, the band consisted of Edgar Froese, Christopher
Franke, and Klaus Krieger--the power trio who recorded most of the band's
strongest material. It was around this time that Tangerine Dream was hired 
for several soundtracks, including ones for Thief, Legend, and Tom
Cruise's first big hit, Risky Business. 

What makes Tangerine Dream a futurist band is their early use of 
synthesizers; they claimed them as their own, carving out an entirely new
sound and birthing a musical genre.  With their innovations, the avenues
were open for such artists as Michael Oldfield, Vangelis, and Devo."

Not entirely accurate, but nice all the same.