We present the results of VRI photoemetry of the young open cluster IC 2602. Two 15arcmin x 15arcmin fields were observed in February and May 1991 using the 1-m Swope telescope at Las Campanas. Using theoretical isochrones obtained from D'Antona & Mizzitelli (1994), and allowing for observational and other uncertainties, we identify 78 primary candidate members with 12 < V < 18.5 from their positions on colour-magnitude diagrams. We compare the cluster field with an offset field of similar galactic latitude and estimate the contamination due to background stars to be large, \geq 50%, as might be expected given its low galactic latitude. We also compare our photometry with that given for the X-ray detected stars of Randich et al (1995) present complimentary narrow band H \alpha photometry for a subset of the stars.