Titania Ireland Mini-Campaign: Information and Documentation

The contribution of the astronomical community of Ireland to the scientific study of the solar system.

Titania is the largest satellite of the planet Uranus. It is 1578 km in diameter and orbits Uranus at a distance of 436273 km completing one revolution around the planet every 208.9411 hr. Our first (and only) views of Titania's surface were captured by the Voyager 2 spacecraft during its 1986 flyby of the planet.

In September 8th 2001 nature will offer scientists on Earth the opportunity to learn a lot more about this remote object's shape, (possible) atmosphere and orbital parameters. At around 02:00 UTC on September 8th, a 7.2-magnitude star will be occulted by Titania as seen from a relatively wide zone traversing Central America, the Atlantic Ocean and Western Europe. There is also a 30%-40% chance that the event will be visible from part or the whole of Ireland. The Call for Observations home page also offers a bunch of information about this phenomenon.

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