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This is an index of those web pages which are out-dated and unmaintained and are not directly accessible from our current web site. They may be of historical interest - or they may not.

Irish Astronomical Journal Web Site- Updated 2002 September 26th

P Cygni 2000- Updated 2001 November 29th

John Mason Lectures- Updated 2001 January 29th

Hale-Bopp- Updated 5th January 1997

Science and Chronology Conference- Updated 19th September 1996

Solar and Stellar Activity Conference- Updated 14th September 1998

1999 Solar Eclipse- Updated 1st June 1999

Home Page at February 1999 - Updated 4th January 1999

Very Old Home Page - Updated 1995?

Another Old Home Page - Updated 11th March 1997

Brain Marsden Lecture- Updated 24th January 2000

John Brown Schools Lecture- Updated 12th October 1998

John Brown Lecture- Updated 12th October 1998

Tourism Links- Updated 4th August 1998

1998 Visitors- Updated 18th June 1998

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