The Human Orrery and the Five Domes

Use your mouse to look around and up and down.

This panoramic view shows in a clockwise direction (left to right) the following structures (click on a thumbnail for more information);

The ART Dome which houses the Armagh Robotic Telescope
The Robinson Dome which houses the Grubb 10 inch Refractor
The main Observatory House built in 1789 with the green 1790 Dome housing the Troughton Equatorial Telescope
The Grubb 15 inch Reflector is in the green 1827 Dome behind the modern library building
The Human Orrery is the circular interactive exhibit with steel plaques representing planetary motions
The silver coloured Calver Dome which houses the Calver Reflecting Telescope
The Meteorlogical Station with its tower for the Sunshine Recorder

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Last Revised: 2015 January 8th