Armagh Observatory
College Hill
N. Ireland

STFC Introductory Solar System Plasmas Summer School
Armagh Observatory 16 – 21 September 2012

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Online Talks

 "Origin of the Solar System, Planets and Small Bodies" – Mark Bailey (Armagh)
  – Presentation in PDF format.

 "The Sun as a Star: Internal Structure & Evolution" – Simon Jeffery (Armagh)
  – Presentation in PDF format.

 "Solar Interior: Results from Helioseismology" – Bill Chaplin (Brimingham)
  – Presentation in PDF format.

 "Introduction to the Solar Atmosphere: Photosphere, Chromosphere & Corona" – Shaun Bloomfield (TCD)
  Presentation in PDF format and movie files.

 "Set Phasers to Stun!" – Francis Keenan (Queens)
 –Talk not available on-line due to copyright.

 "Solar Variability and Impact on Climate" – Mathew Owens (Reading)
 – Presentation in PDF format.

 "The Ionosphere" – Alan Aylward (UCD)
 –Presentation in PDF format.

 "The Magnetosphere" – Chris Owen (MSSL)
 –Presentation in PDF format.

 "The Thermosphere-Mesosphere" – Mike Kosch (Lancaster)
  – Presentation in PDF format.

  "Introduction to Plasma Physics: gyration, drifts, plasma oscillations, waves in magnetised plasmas, elements of plasma kinetics" – David Tsiklauri (Queen Mary)
 –Presentation in PDF format.

 "Introduction to MHD: MHD equations, applicability conditions, basic time-scales and dimensionless parameters" – Alan Hood (St. Andrews)
  – Presentation in PDF format.

 "MHD Waves and Instabilities: Waves in uniform media, modes of a magnetic flux tube, basic macroscopic and microscopic instabilities" – Robertus von Fay-Siebenburgen (Sheffield)
  – Presentation in PDF format.

 "Magnetic reconnection: 2D reconnection (Petschek + Sweet-Parker), basic concepts of topology" – Alan Hood (St. Andrews)

  "Using the HELiophysics Integrated Observatory (HELIO) to discover and connect data throughout the heliosphere" – David Perez-Suarez (TCD)
  – Presentation as YouTube video.

 "Current Solar Instrumentation (ground & space)" – Mihalis Mathioudakis (Belfast)
  – Presentation in PDF format.

 "The Dynamic Sun: Implications for Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Generation" – Maria Madjarska (Armagh)
 –Presentation in PDF format.

 "Atomic Data: Its Role in Interpretating the Data" – Giulio del Zanna (Cambridge)
  –Presentation in PDF format.

 "Downloading and Reducing Solar Remote Sensing Data (workshop at the Observatory) .. Maria Madjarska (Armagh)
 –Workshop tutorial in PDF format.

 "The Sun in Time: Evolution of Coronae of Solar-Type & Cool Stars Stars" – Rob Jeffries (Keele)
 –Presentation in PDF format.
 –Notes in PDF format.

 "CMEs, the Solar Wind and the Heliosphere: Basic solar wind models, basic structures, phenomenology of CMEs" – Peter Gallagher (TCD)
 – Presentation in PDF format.

 "Flares and particle acceleration" – Eduard Kontar (Glasgow)
  – Presentation in PDF format.

 "Radio observations: Flares, planets & Brown Dwarfs" – Alexey Kuznetsov (Armagh)
 – Presentation in PDF format.

The course is hosted by Armagh Observatory with the lectures in the Armagh Planetarium