Anelastic MHD Equations: Theory and Computation

Colloquia presented at Armagh Observatory on 12th and 19th November 2007
A.K. Srivastava

The magneto-convection of the plasma in solar and stellar convection zones are very important to carry the heat and magnetic fluxes at the surface. The anelastic approximation has strong advantages for the numerical simulation of stellar and solar convection zones, and model the dynamics of buoyant magnetic flux tubes emerging in the solar/stellar atmospheres from their interior. This approximation suppressed the acoustic modes and permits the larger simulated time steps that will not be possible in fully compressible models. In the first part, I'll describe the basic physical model of solar convection zone and the scenario of MLT theory and anelastic approximation . While, I'll discuss the computational techniques related to anelastic MHD simulation, and its application in the second part.

Part 1 Theory - PDF format (5.3MB)

Part 2 Computation - PDF format (4.4MB)

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