Armagh Jets: Movies

Jet engines can be man made........

and can be, as is Concorde, beautiful,

Astrophysical Jets are spectacular: collimated supersonic flows from star and galaxies....

This page presents computer simulations from work done in Wuerzburg and Armagh. New and improved jet simulations will be available shortly. Here, I show a movie from unpublished simulations. This movie demonstrates how long and collimated a jet may grow. Material is swept up into knots by the pulsating jet.

A movie 400kb) which shows the 'hammer' jet evolution (density plot). The term 'hammer jet ' is used to signify the strong pulsating drill action (100 km/s jet with 90 per cent pulsations and 50 per cent shear).

Here are mpeg films of a 3D hydrodynamic simulation of a highly variable jet . The two films show the infrared molecular hydrogen emission from two directions. First, the XY view (700kb) and then the XZ view (700kb).. A detailed description has been published by Völker et al. : Numerical hydrodynamic simulations of molecular outflows driven by Hammer jets 1999, A&A, 343, 953

Michael D. Smith, Gerhard Suttner (JPL, USA), Roland Völker (Würzburg, Germany), Harold Yorke (JPL, USA) and Hans Zinnecker (Potsdam, Germany)

Last Revised: 2009 November 6th