Rats-kepler - A variability survey of the Kepler field
              A variability survey of the Kepler field



For each source in our fields we derive a light curve which last approximately 1 hr. Since systematic trends are likely to be present, we detrend the light curves. Users need to be aware that while this detrending process largely removes the effects of trends, in some instances it does not adequately do this. We then use VARTOOLS to photometrically characterise each detrended light curve. The results fits file (int-2011-2012-mdm-all-sources.v1.fits, below) contains the following information:

In Table A5 of the paper we present sources which we were classified as candidate variables and passed various verification tests. Table A5 can be accessed here as either a fits file (Variables-Table-A5.fits) or a csv file (Variables-Table-A5.csv). Light curves in ascii and pdf format can be accessed from the Variables-light directory below

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