Rats-kepler - A variability survey of the Kepler field
              A variability survey of the Kepler field



RATS-Kepler is a deep, high cadence, photometric survey of the Kepler field using the Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma and the MDM 1.2m Telescope on Kitt Peak. Our goal is to identify sources located in the Kepler field of view which are variable on a timescale between a few mins and 1 hour. These targets would then be candidates for observation using Kepler in short cadence mode. We have currently covered 42% of the Kepler field of view and have obtained light curves for 7.3x10^5 objects in the range 13< g <20. We have identified more than 100 new variable sources, including two pulsating DA white dwarfs, delta Sct or SX Phe pulsating stars, eclipsing binaries and at least two flare stars. As a service to the wider community, we make our data products and cleaned CCDs images available to download via these pages.

If you make use of any product or raw images from this web page site please cite

RATS-Kepler -- a deep high cadence survey of the Kepler field
Gavin Ramsay, Adam Brooks, Pasi Hakala, Thomas Barclay, David Garcia-Alvarez, Victoria Antoci, Sandra Greiss, Martin Still, Danny Steeghs, Boris Gaensicke, Mark Reynolds
which has been accepted by MNRAS and can be accessed via astroph.

If you do have any questions or comments you can email Gavin Ramsay (gar at arm.ac.uk)

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