Robinson Schools Lecture 2010

"How It Ends"

Professor Chris Impey
University of Arizona

2010 November 17th at 2.00 pm
in the Royal School Armagh


Professor Impey will deliver the Robinson Schools Lecture in the Royal School, College Hill Armagh, at 2.00 pm on Wednesday 17 November 2010.

The title and abstract of the Robinson Schools Lecture are

"How It Ends"

With a musical subtext, this talk explores endings, from the proximate to the distant. Humans are unlikely to be exempt from the extinction that has been the fate of all species on Earth, but we hope that it will not be by our own hand. Eventually, whatever life is found on Earth will be faced with the decay of the biosphere and the death of the Sun. On even longer timescales, the lights will go out as all stars are extinguished. The final curtain comes with the evaporation of black holes and possibly the decay of space-time itself. A cheerful look at the universe beyond us and without us.

Teachers and pupils who would like to attend should contact Mr Warren Fowles, The Royal School, College Hill Armagh. Tel.: 028 3752 2807; e-mail: sfowles830at

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