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2006 Robinson Schools Lecture

Our Wonderful Sun

Professor Eric Priest

University of St. Andrews

Thursday, 23rd November 2006 at 2:00 p.m.

The Royal School

College, Armagh

Poster - 5.9 MB PDF

We see the Sun every day and its effect on life on Earth is central, and yet many of us often take it for granted. This lecture will reveal many amazing properties of the Sun, its atmosphere, and its effects on the Earth, and will show that the Sun is much more wonderful and fascinating than you probably realised.

On Earth we are surrounded by the 3 states of matter (solids, liquids and gases), but the Sun consists entirely of the fourth state of matter (called 'plasma') which behaves quite differently from the other states. The surface is called the photosphere, in which we often see sunspots, and above it lies the outer atmosphere (or corona) which can be seen during eclipses as a pearly white glow. The lecture will show many of the most recent observations of the photosphere and corona and will describe new results from a huge space satellite called SoHO.

The Robinson Lecture is held in memory of Archbishop Richard Robinson, founder of Armagh Observatory.

Tickets for the event are free on application to Mr Warren Fowles, Royal School, Armagh BT61 9DH
Tel. 028 3752 2807, e-mail: sfowles830royalschool.armagh.ni.sch.uk


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