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Tracing Our Roots at Armagh Observatory

27 August 2004: The Armagh Observatory will be holding an exhibition from Monday 6th to Saturday 11th September to mark the theme of this year's UK and Ireland Archive Awareness Campaign: Routes to Roots. Some of the fascinating and rarely seen archival material relating to the personalities associated with the Observatory over its 215-year history will be on display. From 6th to 10th September the exhibition can be viewed from 11:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 16:00, and on Saturday 11th the exhibition will be open all day as part of the European Heritage Open Days from 10:00 to 17:00.

The Armagh Observatory was founded in 1790 by Archbishop Richard Robinson and probably formed a key element in his plan for a University of Ulster in Armagh. Trace the development of astronomy in Armagh, principally from the foundation of the Observatory until the present day. The exhibition highlights the scientific research of some of the people involved in this development. One can view what is believed to be the oldest astronomical dome in the world still with its original telescope in situ. Examine the scientific paper relating to the creation of the famous Robinson cup-anemometer, invented at Armagh Observatory by its third director in the 1840s. View a section of the immensely important meteorological database that spans almost 210 years, especially those recorded during the famine period of the 1840s.

The Observatory is an active research organisation employing twenty-five staff. View, or learn about, some of its research facilities and current research topics. As in the past, further astrophysical studies will undoubtedly take us on pathways leading to a deeper understanding of the physical world and humanity's place in the universe: the ultimate route to our roots.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, OR TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, PLEASE CONTACT: John McFarland at the Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh, BT61 9DG. Tel.: 028-3752-2928; FAX: 028-3752-7174; jmfarm.ac.uk


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