From Earth To The Universe: Astronomy Talk In Magherafelt Library

Armagh Observatory and Libraries NI, 20th November 2015: Magherafelt Library will host a talk on the Armagh Observatory´s stunning exhibition of amazing astronomical images ‘From Earth To The Universe’ (FETTU) on Thursday 3rd December at 7:00pm. The related introductory talk on astronomy, “Earth´s Place in Space”, is the result of a partnership between Libraries NI and the Observatory to show the FETTU exhibition in libraries across Northern Ireland. The exhibition has the aim of taking people on a journey through the Universe as seen from the Earth and to inspire people of all ages with some of the most dramatic images and ideas of modern astronomy. Admission is free and people of all ages are welcome.

Professor Bailey said, “Astronomy, more than any other area of science in recent years, has really caught the public imagination and has become very popular in primary schools as part of the World Around Us part of the curriculum. I hope that this introductory talk will help to open people´s eyes to the world around us all and to some of the groundbreaking work that astronomers are doing here in Northern Ireland. Together with the poster exhibition, which has been on display this autumn in Saintfield Library and Carnlough Library, and during December Fintona Library, the talk will help to explain our place in that vast space around us, that we call the Universe”.

The FETTU exhibition is part of the Observatory´s programme of Science in the Community and Universe Awareness (UNAWE). This in turn has the aim of bringing to a wider audience some of the most exciting discoveries of modern astronomy. A European component, in which the Observatory has recently been involved, EU-UNAWE, has provided basic astronomy training to primary-sector teachers, so that they can use astronomy in different parts of the curriculum. The international UNAWE programme also provides a wide variety of astronomy education resources for young children and members of the public.

Armagh Observatory and Libraries NI are funded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL). For further information on the intergenerational talk, please contact Magherafelt Library (The Bridewell, 6 Church Street, BT45 6AN) on telephone: 028 7963 2278 or email:

Last Revised: 2015 November 20th