Wet November: Warm, Wet, Dull Autumn

Armagh Observatory reports that November was much wetter than average, the wettest November for five years and the fifth wettest November since rainfall records at Armagh began in 1838. The mean monthly temperature and the number of hours of strong sunshine were both about average.

Total rainfall amounted to 149.2mm, which is twice the most recent (1981–2010) 30-year average November rainfall at Armagh. The wettest day was the 13th, with 36.8mm (1.45 inches) of precipitation.

The mean monthly temperature was 7.0 degrees Celsius (44.6 degrees Fahrenheit), the same as the most recent (1981–2010) 30-year average for November at Armagh. The warmest day was 13.5 degrees C on the 6th, while the coolest night was the 27th, with a minimum air temperature of –3.2 degrees C. There were 19 nights with grass frost and 4 nights with air frost.

There were 58.9 hours of strong sunshine, also about average for November at Armagh. The sunniest day was the 23rd, with 6.4 hours strong sunshine.

Taking the meteorological autumn months of September, October and November together, Autumn 2014 had a mean temperature of nearly 10.5 degrees Celsius. This is nearly 0.4 degrees warmer than the most recent (1981–2010) 30-year average autumn temperature at Armagh, namely 10.13 degrees C. Fifteen of the last twenty autumns have been warmer than the most recent 30-year average Autumn temperature at Armagh.

Autumn precipitation, with a total of 255.85mm (10 inches), was approximately 12 percent more than the most recent 30-year average Autumn rainfall at Armagh. The total number of hours of strong autumn sunshine, namely 251.5 hours, was approximately 4 percent less than the corresponding most recent 30-year Autumn average at Armagh, namely 262.5 hours. Autumn 2014 was warmer, wetter and slightly duller than average at Armagh.

These data refer to observations at Armagh Observatory, which has been recording the weather at Armagh since 1795.

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Last Revised: 2014 December 8th