Bright, Dry and Cool November

Armagh Observatory reports that November was sunnier, drier and cooler than average.

The total number of hours of sunshine was 78.7, that is, about 35% more than the most recent (1981–2010) 30-year average for November.

Total precipitation amounted to 38.2mm, approximately half the most recent 30-year monthly average for November. The wettest day was the 17th, with 6.5mm of rain.

The mean monthly temperature was 6.5 degrees Celsius (43.7 degrees Fahrenheit). This is approximately half a degree Celsius cooler than the most recent 30-year average temperature for November. The maximum temperature was 13.7 degrees C on the 11th, whilst the minimum air temperature was –3.2 degrees C on the 22nd. There were 19 nights with grass frost and 5 nights with air frost.

Taking the meteorological autumn months of September, October and November together, autumn 2013 with a mean temperature of 10.66 degrees C was approximately half a degree warmer than the most recent 30-year autumn average. Rainfall, with a total of 217.45mm, was close to the 30-year autumn average as too was sunshine, which totalled 279.5 hours.

Last Revised: 2013 December 5th