August Wetter and Sunnier than Normal

Armagh Observatory reports that the weather in August was slightly wetter and sunnier, and marginally warmer, than average.

The monthly rainfall recorded was 88.6 mm (3.49 in), which is about 16% higher than the most recent 30-year average (1981-2010) for August.

The total number of hours of sunshine was 154.6, which is just 16% more than the most recent 30-year average.

The mean monthly temperature was 16.2 degrees Celsius (61.2 degrees Fahrenheit), which is about 0.8 degree C above the most recent 30-year average. The maximum temperature recorded last month was 25.0 degrees Celsius on the 10th. The lowest air temperature was 7.8 degrees Celsius on the 30th.

Consequently, rainfall this summer (June – August) at 340.8 mm was the fifth wettest summer in Armagh since calibrated records began in 1838. The four wettest summers were those of 2007 (376.7 mm), 1958 (374.6 mm), 1912 (344.7 mm) and 1861 (368.0 mm).

These data refer to observations at Armagh Observatory, which has been recording the weather at Armagh since 1795.

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Last Revised: 2012 September 3rd