Mild November

Armagh Observatory reports that the weather in November was wetter, sunnier and milder than average.

The total precipitation amounted to 90.9 mm (3.58 in), that is, about 17% greater than the average. The wettest day was the 28th with 17.8 mm of rainfall.

The total number of hours of sunshine was 74.7, that is, about 30% more than average.

The mean monthly temperature was 9.4 degrees Celsius (48.9 degrees Fahrenheit), that is, approximately 3 degrees higher than the average. The maximum temperature was 15.9 degrees C on the 3rd, whilst the minimum air temperature was –0.5 C on the 7th. There was one day with an air frost and eight days with grass frost.

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Last Revised: 2011 December 1st