Armagh Observatory and Armagh Rhymers
Children's Art On Display In Armagh City Library


Children from St. James Primary School Drumatee and the Royal School Armagh with their OASES artwork.

An exhibition of amazing space paintings made by children who took part in the OASES project this autumn will be on display in the Armagh City Library over Christmas and into the New Year. OASES (Over us All is the SElfsame Sky) is a cross-community and cross-border programme in which the Armagh Rhymers and the Armagh Observatory have brought science and the arts together to promote peaceful relationships.

The project has been part funded through the European Union’s PEACE III Programme, managed by the PEACE III Southern Cluster Partnership on behalf the Special EU Programmes Body.

The children's paintings show the night sky over local landscapes. They were made by teams from schools working together under the guidance of Dr Miruna Popescu from Armagh Observatory. While making them, the children not only learned about stars, comets and galaxies, and about local landmarks and communities, but also discovered how easy it is to make friends with pupils from another school. Some were amazed to discover that they have the same favourite song! After the art work was finished, they sang songs about the Sun and planets set to traditional tunes as taught by the skillful Armagh Rhymers. "I learned all the names of the planets, new songs, great stories and how to do wonderful art work", said a nine year old girl from Granemore. "I learned how to have fun with others, whether they are white, black, Catholic or Protestant", said a 12 year old girl from Monaghan. "I liked the Planetarium show and when Granemore school visited us, and when we got the wee gifts" said an eight year old girl from Richhill. "I did not like when the OASES was over", declared a nine year girl from Darkley.

The OASES project has so far benefited hundreds of children from more than a dozen schools from counties Armagh and Monaghan. "It is a great way for children to learn science and art skills, and, even more importantly, how much they enjoy working and playing with children from a different background" said Dara Vallely from the Armagh Rhymers.

The OASES project is part-funded through the EU's PEACE III Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body. The Armagh Rhymers Educational and Cultural Organisation is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. The Armagh Observatory is an astronomical research institute with a rich heritage, supported by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Miruna Popescu or Mark Bailey at the Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh, BT61 9DG; Tel: 028-3752-2928; mdpat and mebat

Last Revised: 2010 December 21st