Coldest December Night for More Than 120 Years

Armagh Observatory reports that the morning of the winter solstice, 21st December 2010, was the fourth coldest December night at Armagh since observational records of daily temperature minima began in 1844.

This morning's measurement showed that the air temperature had fallen to a perishing -11.9 degrees Celsius. The previous lowest recorded December temperatures were more than 120 years ago, that is, -14.6 on 25th December 1878; -13.7 on 24th December 1878; and -12.2 on 20th December 1886.

Yesterday (20th December) the maximum air temperature was -4.0 degrees Celsius, making it the third coldest December day since records began. The previous coldest December days at Armagh were: -4.9 on 27th December 1995 and -4.1 on 24th December 1878, and these records seem likely to be broken today.

These data refer to observations at Armagh Observatory, which has been recording the weather at Armagh since 1795.

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Last Revised: 2010 December 21st