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December Drier

Armagh Observatory reports that December was drier, sunnier and colder than average. The total precipitation for the month was 56.2 mm (2.21 inches), that is, about one-quarter less than the average. The wettest day of the month was the 3rd when 8.8 mm fell.

The number of hours of sunshine was 52.5, that is, about 46% more than the monthly average.

The mean monthly temperature was 3.9 degrees Celsius (39.0 degrees Fahrenheit), which is about 0.8 degrees Celsius below average. The maximum temperature was 11.7 degrees C on the 20th and 21st, while the lowest air temperature was -4.3 C on 29th. There were twenty-two nights with grass frost and sixteen with air frost.

The mean annual temperature at Armagh during 2008 was 9.78 degrees Celsius, making 2008 the coolest year since 2001.


Last Revised: 2009 January 5th
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