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An entry in Miruna Popescu's exhibition at the Rotunda Gallery, St. Patrick's Trian.

The Armagh Observatory announces the launch of a photographic exhibition "Armagh in my Heart", by astronomer Miruna Popescu. The exhibition, which contains more than a hundred images, is displayed in the Rotunda Gallery, St. Patrick's Trian, Armagh. It will be launched at an opening ceremony, including refreshments, at 7.00pm on Friday 1st August. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Miruna Popescu said, "Although an astronomer by profession, I have always been an artist in my heart. I have been taking pictures around the City of Armagh since I came to work at the Observatory, and it is great to be able to bring them together as an exhibition."

Miruna, who originates from Romania, has special interests in education, public outreach and studying the Sun. She has lived in the USA as well as in various countries in Europe, but it is Armagh that has captured her heart and imagination. The exhibition allows her to highlight some of the links between science and art.

"Armagh captivated me from the very beginning and after six years I still love it. I am fascinated by the beauty of its Georgian buildings, and by the presence of nature throughout the city. We have seen many changes over the last years, but as I walk around the city I often feel that I go back in time. Once I befriended a blackbird; it allowed me to get so close that I could take a really crisp picture with an ordinary camera. Have you ever noticed that there are no house sparrows in Armagh? I have seen them all around the world, from the Arizona desert to Tamil Nadu in India and as close as Portadown, but not here."

The photographic exhibition shows how Armagh looks through Miruna's eyes - and in her heart. The 101 images include pictures she has already published in books, calendars, Christmas cards and on the web, as well as a large-scale version of the postcard she designed to celebrate the tercentenary of Archbishop Richard Robinson's birth. Towards the end of the exhibition, Miruna will take you on a journey beyond Armagh into an imaginary world extending to the very fringes of the Universe. The exhibition will remain on show until 27th August.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Miruna Popescu at the Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh, BT61 9DG. Tel.: 028-3752-2928; FAX: 028-3752-7174; mdpat signarm.ac.uk; URL: http://star.arm.ac.uk/.


Last Revised: 2008 July 28th
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