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Armagh Observatory, 19 September 2001.
David Southwood Professor David Southwood, Director of the Scientific Programme at the European Space Agency (ESA), will visit Armagh and deliver a public lecture entitled "European Space Science: Perspectives for the Future" in the Rotunda Theatre, St Patrick's Trian, Armagh on Thursday, 4th October at 8.00pm. Admission to the lecture is free, tickets available from the Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, Tel.: 028-3752-2928, Fax: 028-3752-7174, e-mail: ambn@star.arm.ac.uk

David Southwood was appointed to the ESA post on 1st May this year. He is a space physicist who has worked for much of his career at the Blackett Laboratory in the Physics Department of Imperial College London. Professor Southwood has contributed to a variety of space missions over the past 35 years, most recently the building of the magnetometer instrument onboard the NASA Cassini probe to the giant planet Saturn. Cassini has now passed Jupiter on its 800 million-mile journey to Saturn which it is expected to reach in 2004.

From 1997 to 2000 he was head of Earth Observation strategy at ESA where he introduced a new programme in Earth science called "The Living Planet". After going back to academia in April 2000, his return to ESA to lead the space science programme was announced in late 2000.

Professor Southwood first went up to Imperial College in 1966 as a postgraduate student. After postdoctoral research in the United States, he returned to the Imperial College faculty in 1971, eventually directing the Blackett Laboratory from 1994-1997. He has been chairperson of many space science committees at ESA and in Europe generally, including the Science Programme Committee and the Space Science Advisory Committee. He has authored more than 200 scientific publications.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: John McFarland at the Armagh Observatory, Tel.: 028-3752-2928.

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