Data-Mining of the Armagh Observatory Meteor Database

The Armagh Observatory has been operating a video meteor detection system and double station network since mid-2005. Now in its seventh year of operation, it has yielded some 10,000 video records of individual meteors, with about 2,500 of those being double station detections. Our detection statistics are now sufficient to support the detailed study of the near-Earth meteoroid environment. The primary tool for this study will be SPARVM, a modular IDL-based meteor analysis software package, developed in-house by former PhD student Prakash Atreya, now at Arecibo Observatory.

The aim of this project will be the scientific utilisation of the Armagh Observatory Meteor Database through use of SPARVM. Specific topics will include, but not be limited to, the characterisation of individual showers and outbursts and their interannual variations, the occurence and nature of fireball-producing bodies and the search for minor or weak streams associated with new comets and. In parallel with the purely scientific work, it is desirable to have a quantitative grasp on the robustness of the SPARVM code. This will be achieved by comparing its performance with that of other meteor analysis packages, using meteor populations of known characteristics as test cases and improving the code where possible.

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Last Revised: 2012 November 18th