The Human Orrery in Eureka High School, Nepaltar, Kathmandu, Nepal

The first Human Orrery to be constructed in Nepal was opened at the Eureka High School, Nepaltar, Kathmandu, during 2013. The inspiration for this Human Orrery came from the Armagh Observatory Human Orrery, and -- as with the copy of the Observatory's Human Orrery constructed during summer 2012 on the playground of Christ the Redeemer Primary School, Belfast -- this Human Orrery was painted on the school playground. Here are pictures showing members of the team involved in the design and construction of the first Nepal Human Orrery.

*Eureka HS Nepal, students*
Students of Class 10 constructing the Human Orrery

*Eureka HS Nepal, team*
Team members after successfully mapping out the inner planets

Thank you to Suresh Bhattarai and also to Eureka High School, for these photographs.

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Last Revised: 2015 March 3rd