Human Orrery and 2004 Robinson Lecture Photos

    2005.03.17, visit of some students from St Patrick's Academy Dungannon

  2005.03.05, visit of some students from UCD - Evening astronomy class

  2004.11.26, 2004 Robinson Lecture ("Tick, tick, tick, pulsating star,
                            how I wonder what you are") given by Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell

  2004.11.26, Launch of the Human Orrery by Professor Mark Bailey
  2004.11.26,  A few more photos from the launch
  2004.11.26,  "Dance of the Planets" performed by P7 pupils from the
                            Armstrong Primary School, choreographed by Jennifer Rooney

  2004.11.25, Robinson Schools Lecture by Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell
                               ("You Are Made of Star Stuff") at St Patrick's Academy Dungannon  
2004.11.23 - Using the Orrery 
2004.11.23 - more photos...
  2004.09.13   Testing the orrery
   2004.08.30  Construction photographs
   2004.08.17  Construction photographs
   2004.07.01  Construction photographs   

Photos taken by Miruna D. Popescu mdp at
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Last revised: 28 November 2004