OASES Show at the John Hewitt Summer School

On Monday 26 July 2010 we had a performance of music and dance as part of the opening of the prestigious John Hewitt Summer School, at the Market Place Theatre, Armagh, introduced by Bill Nolan from the North-South Ministerial Council. Our presence at this event's opening has a special significance to us, as the name of our project, OASES, derives from a verse of the poem Ulster Names“ by John Hewitt: “Over us All is the SElfsame Sky”.

The “Could be a Wonderful World” song was performed on the steps from the Market Place Theatre by nearly 100 children from the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Theresa’s Sister) Summer Camp, held every year at Sherry’s Field recreational centre. This was followed later on by the “Solar System Dance” performed by 10 girls from Scoil Rince Emain Macha with choreographer Lorraine Scallon, TCRG.


See some photos from the event

Watch a video of the solar system dance


“Whatever the colour of your skin,

Whatever country you are in

It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy

Because Over us All is the SElfsame Sky

Australia, Hawaii, India maybe,

Armagh, Derry, whatever county

This piece of info is for you and I:

Over us All is the SElfsame Sky”

Poem written as part of the OASES project 

by Heather King, 11, Lisnadill Primary School

OASES is an innovative programme in which the Armagh Rhymers and the Armagh Observatory are advancing cross-community and cross-border networking by using science and the arts as a way of bringing people together "under the selfsame sky". This project is funded through the European Union’s PEACE III Programme promoted by Armagh City and District Council and managed by the PEACE III Southern Cluster Partnership for the Special EU Programmes Body.

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