The opening of Steve Lally's exhibition in Armagh

Steve Lally's art exhibition “Silent Keepers of a Smokeless Hearth” was opened in St Patrick's Trian Armagh on Friday 2 April. This exhibition awakens you to the world of magic, as the paintings and illustrations bring to your eyes an imaginative world of stories and dreams. The exhibition will remain open throughout the month of April. 

Steve Lally is a man of many talents; he has worked as an artist and storyteller in both the North and the South of Ireland for over 15 years. In this exhibition you can all see for yourselves his gift as a painter and illustrator.  Steve is also a sculptor, he graduated fine arts at the University of Ulster, specializing in sculpture. But most recently he became renewed for his talents as a storyteller; he is the newest member of the Armagh Rhymers. He writes his own stories and he is Northern Ireland's representative of the Storytellers of Ireland.

The opening evening was thoroughly enjoyed by the guests, as they were entertained by Steve's stories, the Armagh Rhymer's music and ... yummy snacks and wine brought by Steve's mum from Ireland.

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